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Meet model Pamela Alves, who is establishing herself as one of the great international names

She is one of the biggest fans of the Chanel brand.

Photos Camilla Sella

Pamela Alves is a Brazilian model who is making a name for herself in the international fashion scene. Currently living in New York, she has been working with major brands and participating in top industry events. She shared that one of her biggest aspirations is to work with a particular brand.

"I am a huge fan of Chanel. I see it as a life goal to collaborate with them. I have already done an editorial for Bazaar featuring looks from the French fashion house, and I have worn their brand for significant moments. However, I confess that I still have the desire to star in a campaign or other direct work with the brand," she said.

Pamela, who attended the last edition of the Cannes Film Festival, also revealed that she is studying and plans to invest in an acting career.

"I am studying acting with Coach Nina Murano in New York. I intend to pursue an acting career and I am dedicating myself a lot. During the Cannes Film Festival, I had some meetings and received some audition invitations, but I am still considering everything," she disclosed.




She is Stunning ✨And an amazing heart!!!

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