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Met Gala 2023 - FASHION DIRECTOR OPINION - Matheus Hooks

The 2023 Met Gala was an incredible night for fashion and for those who admire the legacy of iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld. Celebrities from all over the world gathered at the event to pay tribute to the late designer and his works inspired many of the stunning looks that paraded through the red carpet.

It was a remarkable moment for brands like Chanel and Fendi, which became synonymous with Lagerfeld's unique style, and of course we saw many looks of these incredible brands on the night of the event. But we also saw some bold and innovative looks from other brands and designers who honored Lagerfeld's legacy in their own way.

In addition to the amazing looks, it is important to remember that the Met Gala is much more than just a stunning fashion night. The event raises funds for the Anna Wintour Costume Center of the Metropolitam Museum of Art, which is an amazing place to visit for anyone who is a fan of fashion and history.

Overall, the 2023 Met Gala was an incredible event that honored the work of one of the greatest designers of all time and gave us a lot to talk about in relation to the most talked about looks. It's exciting to see how fashion continues to evolve and be inspired by big names like Lagerfeld, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this incredible world.

Let's go in opinion and what do we know about the most talked about looks?

Dua Lipa

Courtesy photos E! Entertainment

Among the most acclaimed choices of the night was the iconic look of singer Dua Lipa, who honored supermodel Claudia Schiffer wearing one of the most striking dresses of her career.

The dress chosen by Dua Lipa for the Met Gala was a Chanel model designed by Lagerfeld in 1992 for a parade of her muse, Claudia Schiffer. With unique details and an unforgettable aesthetic, Lipa's look was a perfect tribute to Lagerfeld and his inspiring muse.

On social networks, the singer's look was one of the most talked about and praised of the night. At the age of 27, Lipa showed that she has a refined vision of fashion and a unique ability to choose pieces that mark her presence at major events such as the Met Gala.

Dua Lipa's choice to honor Claudia Schiffer and Karl Lagerfeld at the Met Gala 2023 was a true tribute to the history of fashion and those who shaped it. With a bold and elegant style choice, she left her mark at the event and honored Lagerfeld's memory in a way that will certainly be remembered for a long time.

Billie Eilish

Courtesy photos E! Entertainment

Billie Eilish once again rocked the look and showed all her fashion attitude by choosing the theme “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty” for one of her looks. The black lace dress of talented Irish designer Simone Rocha was the key piece of this memorable production.

With an imposing turtleneck and a totally sustainable composition, the dress was made with reused fabrics and expertly patched to create a piece of tulle with lace edges. The cotton tweed harness, adorned with jet crystals, further enhanced the beauty of the look.

The singer knew how to perfectly combine the Gothic dress with jet crystal tulle gloves and socks, which were meticulously beaded by hand. Billie Eilish proved once again that it is a true reference of style and environmental awareness. A true fashion show!


Courtesy photos E! Entertainment

Pop diva Rihanna surprised everyone with a stunning look at the long-awaited Met Gala event. The singer chose a long white dress from the renowned Valentino brand, which had a five-meter long tail and an impeccable design.

To complement her elegant and sophisticated look, Rihanna opted for a coat that featured one of the most iconic codes of the Chanel brand, 30 camellias, made from 500 petals, making it clear that the singer understands very well about fashion and its details.

I couldn't miss the final touch, the Cartier jewels. According to the international news portal Page Six, the pop star's look also featured several Cartier jewels valued at more than U$ 25 million, about R$ 124 million. The choice of jewelry added even more value and sophistication to the artist's look.

Rihanna, once again, gave a show on the red carpet and left her trademark in fashion. A true fashion icon!


Courtesy photos E! Entertainment

Antta is a reference when it comes to style and elegance. And she once again left everyone jaw-dropping when she appeared wearing a look totally signed by the famous designer Marc Jacobs.

The look chosen by the influencer was a true work of art, combining unique and very sophisticated pieces. The Tiffany brand jewelry, known for its exceptional quality and incomparable beauty, was chosen to complement the production.

But it wasn't just that! To complete the look, Antta chose a Roger Dubuis brand watch, recognized worldwide for the precision and luxury of its products.

Gisele Bündchen

Courtesy photos E! Entertainment

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen always rocks in the choices of her looks, and was no different in her participation in the Met event. The diva opted for a dress from the renowned Chanel brand, created by Karl Lagerfeld himself.

The white model chosen by Gisele mixes transparencies and vertical stripes, providing an elegant and sophisticated look. The dress is also accompanied by a cape made of flowing feathers, which adds a unique touch to the production.

It is worth remembering that this dress has already been used in an editorial of Harper's Baazar of Korea in 2007, which proves that the supermodel's style has always been ahead of its time.

Gigi Hadid

Courtesy Video E! Entertainment

The famous model Gigi Hadid always surprises with her bold and sophisticated choices, and in her last appearance she did not disappoint. For the event in question, the model opted for a completely black dress, made to measure by the renowned Givenchy brand.

The dress chosen by Gigi presented a bold and elegant design, combining transparent black fabric covered over one of the model's shoulders, extending on a dramatically long train. The strapless bustier underneath provided a sensual and sophisticated look.

The transparent skirt, in turn, had cutouts on the hip and a furrowed center, adding a touch of elegance and style to the production. To complete the look, Gigi used black pumps, a pearl and diamond choker and pearl earrings, which added a touch of sophistication and luxury to the production.

Lil Nas X

Courtesy photos E! Entertainment

Music star Lil Nas X surprised everyone by arriving at the most important fashion event of the year wearing a bold and bold look. The singer chose to wear a combination of unique pieces that differentiated him from all the others present.

Lil Nas X chose to use only a thong and cover her body with a silver dye adorned with applications of pearls and stones, giving a touch of sophistication and elegance to her production. To complete his look, the singer added a mask in the same tone as the painting, leaving only his eyes on display. This bold choice not only complemented the singer's look, but also added a touch of mystery and sophistication to his appearance.

Anne Hathaway

Courtesy photos E! Entertainment

Actress Anne Hathaway did not disappoint when choosing a look that paid tribute to a fashion icon. For this year's event, she recreated Versace's famous pin dress by Elizabeth Hurley, which made a big impact in the 1990s. Hathaway put his own touch on the piece, choosing a white version with strategic cutouts that showed his slender silhouette. The look was complemented with a puffy hairstyle that added a touch of retro glamour and emphasized the bold aesthetics of the dress. With this choice, Hathaway has once again proven that he has an impeccable sense of style and knows how to honor iconic fashion in a modern and authentic way.

Doja Cat

Courtesy photos E! Entertainment

American rapper Doja Cat spared no effort to dazzle at this year's MET Gala. The artist dared to choose a dress with cat ears and adopt facial prostheses that further enhanced her feline characteristics. The shiny silver piece, created by the iconic designer Oscar de la Renta, had a dramatic train of ruffles that added even more impact to the look. In addition, Doja Cat chose some stunning jewelry to complement the look.

Jenna Ortega

Courtesy photos E! Entertainment

Thom Browne was the designer behind Miguel Ortega's Victorian high fashion look, which featured a lace corset at the waist, perfectly matching the dramatic silhouette of the skirt. Pure black knee-high socks and black and white heel brogues completed the preppy look. The skirt swept the carpet in ruffles that added a touch of drama to the overall appearance.

Review of looks made by fashion director Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks


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