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Mila Garro: the entrepreneur who turned difficulties into success, now on the cover of Hooks

Cover Business Edition - Global

Photos Márcio Amaral

Design Cover: Matheus Lopes

At the age of 7, Mila started working selling ties at a fair in Contagem-MG and it was in this job that she discovered her entrepreneurial streak.

At age 15, Mila was given a trip to the United States and fell in love with the country. But like any teenager, she needed to finish her studies in Brazil, so she returned home. In 2007, aged 20, she returned to Miami alone.

Mila started working in the cleaning business and, after much sacrifice, was able to buy her first client notebook for US$12,000. Over time, her business grew and she became a successful businesswoman. In 2017, her company thrived like never before and she fulfilled her dream of making her first million dollars.

Currently, Mila Garro's company has 42 employees and over 1000 clients in Charlotte, NC. In addition, she expanded her business to Florida, gaining new clients in Miami, where she currently lives.

Mila Garro is an example of resilience and determination. She turned difficulties into success and today she is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. Don't miss the opportunity to check out the exclusive interview with Mila Garro, where she tells more about her story and gives tips for those who want to undertake.

Check out the full interview below:

  1. What was your first contact with entrepreneurship and how did it influence you?

My first contact was with my grandmother. I spent my entire childhood working with her and she was always an entrepreneur. She had several lingerie stores in Belo Horizonte. It was with her that I learned to be an entrepreneur, as I started dealing with money and difficult situations at an early age. She influenced me a lot.

2 - How was your experience selling bows at a fair with your grandmother and how did it help in your entrepreneurial development?

I went through a lot in my childhood and my grandmother taught me not to victimize myself. I started seeing life differently and doing what needed to be done. I learned not to depend on motivation.

3 - Could you tell us about your process of moving to the United States at age 15? What were the biggest difficulties you faced and how did you deal with them?

At 15, I came to visit and fell in love. I didn't want to go back to Brazil. When I returned at 19, I had a lot of difficulty with English and finding my way in a profession. I had to make it work, I didn't have much choice.

4- How was your transition from working in the cleaning industry to starting your own business? What were the challenges faced and the strategies adopted?

My cleaning company happened gradually. With 1 and a half years in the business, I started focusing on administration and learning new things to implement in my business. I learned a lot by testing and making mistakes.

5- How did you manage to expand your business beyond the cleaning industry? What were the factors that contributed to the growth of your company?

I assumed my position, even without fully understanding it. And I decided to do what needed to be done. I am very grateful for everything that is happening. I see success as a consequence of everything I have planted.

6- How do you feel about your current success and what do you plan to do to continue growing? What are the next steps?

I am very grateful and happy to have moved forward and not given up. I plan to scale my business digitally, focusing on mentorship, which is something I love to do. I feel fulfilled giving speeches, mentorship, and courses. I want to help more and more people who have had difficulty starting a business, like I did.


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