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Milena Fernández - A Fusion of Influence and Fashion


Photos: Lineker - @lineker

Hooks Team / Marketing and Design Director: Matheus Lopes

Fashion Director: Matheus Hooks

In the ever-evolving world of fashion and influence, our August "FASHION" edition is illuminated by none other than the captivating model and digital influencer, Milena Fernández. With a journey that began as a vibrant spark in the digital scene, Milena transitioned gracefully into a prominent figure in the fashion world, exemplifying the harmony between online charisma and runway glamour.

Starting her career as a digital influencer, Milena quickly rose to prominence on social media and online platforms, where she built a distinctive presence. Through brand partnerships and professional photoshoots, she gradually carved her path into the fashion world, bringing along her authenticity and unique personality.

Her journey as a digital influencer allowed her to acquire valuable skills, such as the art of standing out in the vast online world while maintaining an authentic connection with her followers. The transition into the modeling career brought along a range of challenges, but the lessons learned from her digital influencer journey proved to be invaluable.

From her early steps as a digital influencer to strutting down the runways of Milan Fashion Week, every stage of Milena's journey has been significant and rewarding. Through her experiences, she has shown that success is a blend of authenticity, confidence, and hard work.

Exclusive Interview:

1. How was the beginning of your journey as an online influencer, and how did it eventually become a platform for you to enter the modeling career?

The start of my journey as an online influencer was marked by a connection to online platforms from the days of blogs. Initially, I saw it as a fun way to connect with friends. However, as brands began to collaborate and photographers reached out for photoshoots, I found myself increasingly immersed in the world of fashion.

2. What were the key skills and lessons you learned during your time as a digital influencer that proved valuable in your modeling career?

During my time as a digital influencer, I learned that in the online world, we tend to showcase our best shape and version, but this shouldn't carry over to our life behind the cameras. Perfection shouldn't be a physical or emotional burden.

3. The fashion industry can be demanding and competitive. How did you manage to face the challenges and stand out as a model?

Facing the challenges of the demanding and competitive fashion industry requires discipline and consistency. I believe that what sets us apart is our inner light, especially in an industry filled with beautiful and prepared individuals.

4. How have social media and your online presence impacted your modeling career? Do you think it brought more opportunities or did it also come with some difficulties?

My online presence and social media have had a positive impact on my modeling career, opening doors to opportunities that I wouldn't have reached otherwise. However, I've also faced judgments from people who believe we're only there because of social media. Dealing with this requires confidence in one's own talent.

5. Many young aspiring models wish to pursue the influencer career path to gain recognition. What are your tips for those looking to embark on this same journey?

For young aspiring models looking to pursue the influencer career path, it's important to remember that social media should be genuinely enjoyed and used to share everyday moments and thoughts, rather than just seeking fame or recognition.

6. Throughout your modeling journey, what have been the most rewarding and significant moments you've experienced?

Throughout my modeling journey, every moment has been rewarding, from positive feedback from collaborators to landing international campaigns. A significant moment was securing my first contract for a beachwear campaign, which gave me a sense of being on the right path.

7. Over time, you must have worked with various brands and photographers. Is there any project or collaboration that you consider a significant milestone in your career as a model and influencer?

Among the different brands and photographers I've worked with, the most significant milestone in my career was my first runway show at Milan Fashion Week. It was an unforgettable and inspiring experience.


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