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Ryck Leonavicius promises to tell behind-the-scenes stories of the artistic world in an e-book

Advisor and publicist details 15 years of experience working alongside celebrities.

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With 15 years of behind-the-scenes experience in the artistic world, Ryck Leonavicius accepted the proposal to launch an e-book to narrate his trajectory marked by curious stories alongside celebrities and personal overcoming. "Backstage" is the title of the post.

When they called me to write an e-book, I was surprised and flattered. It will be an opportunity to tell about the advisory work and the backstage of the artistic environment", he says, who will write the book alongside journalist Beatriz Bourroul.

Advisor and public relations, Ryck has already worked with strong personalities in the Brazilian news -- Carla Perez, Scheila Carvalho, Aline Barros, Nicole Bahls and Adriane Galisteu are some of the names -- and intends to expand the frontiers of his work for the international market.

The e-book is expected to be released by the end of the first half of 2023. Ryck will remember his first steps -- still in the 1990s, he was office boy for presenter Mara Maravilha, who, years ago, later, she became his first adviser.

Conquering recognition and credibility is not a simple task. Even more so, in a segment with so many consecrated people. The professional beginning of most people is marked by difficulties and with me it was no different. trust, respecting the individuality of each one, I conquered my space. Everything came step by step", he says.

With RL Assessoria, he has also worked with Lívia Andrade, Carla Perez, Simony, Fernanda Lacerda and Jesus Luz and wants to expand his horizons in the market.

I want to see the company grow. The universes of music, fashion and gastronomy are some that I want to explore even more.


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