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Sabrina Sato and Mom Kika - Havaianas launches Mother's Day campaign


Being a mother is a task that requires a lot of strength and unconditional love, and no one knows this better than the brand Havaianas. To celebrate Mother's Day, the brand called on muses Sabrina Sato and her mother, Dona Kika Sato, to star in their new campaign. And they couldn't have chosen a better duo to represent all mothers who love to be well-dressed and comfortable at the same time.

With a radiant smile and lots of attitude, Sabrina and Dona Kika show that Havaianas is the right choice for any occasion. The campaign, which will be featured on the brand's digital channels, seeks to bring all the essence and connection of the two muses to show that Havaianas is the best option to give as a gift to mothers who love comfort, style, and sophistication.

"We are loving having Sabrina as the muse of Havaianas and seeing her provide the same feeling for her mother, in such a light and fun way, especially on such a special occasion! For the campaign, we prepared a shooting with the duo and brought the products that we believe are the perfect options to please mothers who love to dress well and don't give up comfort and style, just like Dona Kika. She is already part of our 'by proxy' squad and has incorporated the role of Havaianas muse very well. Sabrina, watch out!" comments Mariana Rhormens, Marketing Director of Havaianas Brazil.

For Sabrina, the opportunity to share this special moment with her mother was an incredible experience.

"My mother has always been one of my biggest supporters and encouraged me to pursue all my dreams, even when they were different from what many expected. There is no greater pride than seeing her as a muse for Havaianas, a brand that symbolizes our Brazil, on such a special day for us. It was a wonderful gift for one of the most inspiring women I know! And she rocked it! She delivered style, modernity, and sophistication in the campaign, very chic!"

And Dona Kika couldn't be happier with the result.

"I had already asked Sa for this Mother's Day gift, to become a Havaianas muse. And they agreed! I feel honored to participate in this campaign with my daughter for a brand that I am a fan of and is part of my daily life. Have you ever seen a Japanese person not love sandals?" she jokes.

With this campaign, Havaianas reinforces its commitment to offer products that not only are comfortable, but also make mothers feel powerful and confident. After all, being a mother is a tough task, but it's also one of the greatest joys in life.

Technical Sheet - HAVAIANAS -- Sabrina Sato Photoshoot

Title: Sabrina Sato Photoshoot

Agency: AlmapBBDO

Advertiser: Alpargatas

Client: Havaianas

Campaigns: Mothers, Drops 1 and Drops 2

Creation: AlmapBBDO

Almap CEO: Filipe Bartholomeu

Account: Maysa Lopes, Marcelo Porto, João Rabello, Giovanna Antacli, and Jessica Cesso

Client Approval: Ana Bogus, Mafê Albuquerque, Mariana Rohrmens, Juliana Soncini, Juliana Spina, Graziella Silva, Maria Eduarda Manga, Luiza Prado, Lara Schwartz, and Camilly Carvalho

Planning: João Gabriel and Tais Conceição dos Santos

CDMO: Rafa Alves

Media: Melissa Carvalho, Frederico Garcia, Vickie Gerolomo, and Arieli Campos

Art Buyer: Tereza Setti

RTVC: Vera Jacinto, Diego Villas Bôas, Tatiana Angelim

Executive Production: Carlos Eduardo Schimdt

Executive Production Assistant: Babi Coelho

Production Coordination: Gabriela Assunção

Base Production: Eduardo Ferraro

Set Producer: Thiaguinho

Plate Assistant: Robinho

Plate Assistant: Franklin Siqueira

Creative Director: Camila Bossolan

Photographer: Lufre

Photo Assistant: Gabriel Gimenes

Photo Assistant: Matheus Mata

Video Director: Thiago Vieira

DOP: Fernando Young

Camera Assistant: Flavio Borges

2nd Camera/Logger: Carlos Henrique

Electrician: Manoel Batista

Electrician Assistant: Ícaro Batista

Electrician Assistant: Vinícius de Oliveira

Sound: Murilo Alexandre

TP: Azeredo Neto

Video Producer: Marco Monteiro

Video Producer: Lourenço Almeida

Sabrina Stylist: Pedro Sales

Styling Assistant: Daniele Magalhães

Styling Assistant: Luiz Fernando

Kika Stylist: Ronny Macedo

Kika Wardrobe Assistant: Lucia Helena

Sabrina Makeup: Silvio Jorge

Makeup Assistant: Yanthi Brignol

Kika Makeup: Ricardinho Vieira

Nail Stylist: Roberta Munis

Wardrobe Assistant: Flaviana Soares

Seamstress: Vera Lúcia

Set Design: Daniela da Silva

Set Design: Felipe Alecrim

Set Design: Givanildo Silva

Set Design: Ed Lucas Santos

Sabrina's Team: Sabrina Sato

Sabrina's Team: Karina Sato

Sabrina's Team: Lucas Cecilio

Sabrina's Team: Jean Fucs

Kika's Team: Kika Sato

Kika's Team: Sanderson Rodrigue


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