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Tati Cordeiro: "Invisible Mega Hair" and the Beauty Revolution in Brazil


Photos: Bernardo Coelho - @eubernadocoelho
Team Hooks
Fashion Director: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks Marketing and Design Director: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Tati Cordeiro, a true pioneer in the world of hair, is responsible for an innovative technique of Invisible Mega Hair that is revolutionizing the market. Her salon, considered one of the best in Brazil, has three strategically located units in Moema, Santana, and Alphaville. At Tati Cordeiro Studios, clients enjoy fast and personalized service, thanks to the highly skilled team and well-defined processes.

With a registered trademark, Tati Cordeiro Studios are a reference in the industry, with approximately 150 employees and over 800 graduates from their Mega Hair course, offered both in-person and online. The Invisible Mega Hair, a technique developed exclusively by Tati Cordeiro, has gained popularity among celebrities, with an impressive list of renowned personalities, presenters, and influencers. Deolane Bezerra, Jojo Todynho, Ruivinha de Marte, Natália Beauty, Alexandra Gurgel, Bia Miranda, Nicole Bahls, Ivy Moraes, and Aline Mineiro are just some of the personalities who trust Tati Cordeiro's revolutionary technique.

The unique feature of Invisible Mega Hair lies in its ability to provide a natural and discreet look without compromising the health of the hair. Unlike other hair extension techniques, this approach does not cause damage, pain, or traction to the hair. Additionally, maintenance does not require adding more hair, preserving the original length and quantity. The results are so impressive that even dermatologists approve of the technique.

In an exclusive interview, Tati Cordeiro shares her journey and reveals the secrets behind the success of Invisible Mega Hair. She explains how the idea originated from her own experience as a mega hair user and how she recognized the needs of people around her. Her motivation to establish the Tati Cordeiro group was to offer a discreet, comfortable, and healthy hair solution, providing confidence and satisfaction to her clients. Furthermore, Tati highlights the unique features that make her method stand out and explains how she ensures the quality of products and services offered throughout Brazil.

1- How did the idea of creating the "Invisible Mega Hair" hair extension method come about, and what was your motivation for founding the Tati Cordeiro group?

The idea of creating the Invisible Mega Hair method stemmed from my own experience as a mega hair user and my observation of the needs of those around me. I noticed a desire for longer and voluminous hair without it being obvious or detrimental to the health of natural hair.
My motivation for founding the Tati Cordeiro group came from the desire to offer a discreet, natural, comfortable, and healthy solution for hair. I wanted my clients to feel confident and satisfied with their new look, without anyone noticing that they were wearing hair extensions.
Founding the Tati Cordeiro group was a way for me to share my knowledge and experience with other professionals in the industry. I wanted to provide an opportunity for more professionals to learn this technique and offer the Invisible Mega Hair with all its unique qualities and exclusivity. My goal is to promote excellence in the application of the method and in customer service, with the purpose of boosting the self-esteem of my clients and making them feel even more beautiful in their daily lives.

2. What are the main characteristics that differentiate your hair extension method from others in the market?

What makes the Invisible Mega Hair so special are its unique characteristics! One of the most incredible things about this technique is its discretion: the result is so natural that it's practically impossible to notice that you're wearing a hair extension.
Moreover, comfort and convenience are essential: you can enjoy your new look without any discomfort. But above all, I prioritize the health of natural hair! The careful and strategic application of adhesives does not harm hair growth or structure.
I also offer a wide variety of colors and textures of hair, always of Brazilian, human, and natural origin. With the assistance of our stylists, clients can choose the option that best harmonizes with their natural hair, achieving a perfect and personalized result.
What truly sets Invisible Mega Hair apart is the combination of technique, dedication of the team trained and supervised by me, and the discreet and natural result that brings a smile to the face of each client. We are here to take care of your appearance and ensure that you feel wonderful at every step of the process. We are excited to transform and elevate your confidence and self-esteem!

3. How do you ensure the quality of the Mega Hair sent throughout Brazil? What are the precautions and processes involved in this process?

Ensuring the quality of my technique is paramount to me!
I carefully select the hair and materials of the highest quality. My team follows rigorous manufacturing processes, and we conduct meticulous tests with utmost attention.
Additionally, we provide excellent customer service, understanding all the needs and expectations of the client even before the hair customization process. When the process is completed, we make sure that the client approves and loves the hair as much as we do.
We are fully committed to delivering the best and highest quality at all times.

4. What are the benefits of "Invisible Mega Hair" compared to other hair extension techniques?

The benefits of Invisible Mega Hair compared to other hair extension techniques are numerous. As mentioned before, the discretion and natural appearance are incomparable. You can enjoy longer and voluminous hair without anyone noticing that you're wearing an extension.
Additionally, comfort and hair health are prioritized, ensuring that you can embrace your new look without compromising the integrity of your natural hair. Invisible Mega Hair also offers durability and a wide variety of choices in terms of colors and textures of natural hair.
I am very proud to offer this revolutionary technique because I believe it can transform lives and stories, providing confidence and satisfaction to each client who uses the method. I see and experience this every day.

5. How do you deal with the challenges and demands of serving clients throughout Brazil? What strategies are adopted to ensure excellent customer service and satisfaction?

First and foremost, we have a trained team committed to providing personalized service. Our professionals are ready to address the specific needs of each client, offering guidance, answering questions, and providing expert support. We are always available to help.
Furthermore, we closely monitor every step of the shipping process to ensure that clients receive their orders within the established timeframe. We value feedback from our clients and are open to suggestions, constructive criticism, and comments to constantly improve our products and services. We believe that this ongoing interaction allows us to better meet the needs and expectations of our clients.
In summary, we adopt strategies such as personalized service, prompt delivery, transparency, and valuing customer feedback to ensure excellent service and satisfaction throughout Brazil. We are committed to providing quality products and dedicated support so that every client feels valued and has an exceptional experience with us.

6. In addition to hair extensions, what other services or products does the Tati Cordeiro group offer to its clients?

In addition to hair extensions, we also offer a wide range of services and products to meet the beauty and care needs of our clients. We have specialized hair treatments such as reconstruction, hydration, and nourishment to keep the hair healthy and looking stunning.
We also provide services such as makeup, highlights, hairstyling, and everything you can imagine in a beauty salon. After all, we are a comprehensive beauty salon specialized in hair extensions. We aim to provide a complete beauty care experience, from hair to overall appearance, so that our clients can feel confident and radiant.

7. What are the future plans for Tati Cordeiro Group? Are there any new innovations or expansions planned?

The future plans for Tati Cordeiro Group are exciting! We are constantly seeking innovations and improvements for the Invisible Mega Hair method. We aim to remain leaders in the market, providing the best in hair extensions.
Additionally, we plan to expand our presence by opening new locations to reach an even larger audience. We are committed to offering the latest trends and exclusive techniques in the hair industry. Our mission is to boost people's self-esteem and help them feel confident and beautiful. I am extremely excited about the future and everything that lies ahead.


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