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Vivi Di Domenico: From Small Town to International Covers


Photos: Diego Cadavid - @cadavidmora

Design Director Hooks: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Editor-In-Chief: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks

Get ready for an explosion of style and elegance, as the long-awaited 'MODEL' edition of Hooks Magazine has arrived, and the model gracing our cover is the incredible Vivi Di Domenico. With her magnetic beauty and captivating presence, Vivi brings international fashion to a more personal level in an exclusive interview.

Born in the picturesque Santo Antônio do Sudoeste, Paraná (BR), Vivi Di Domenico is a living inspiration for those who dream big. Her remarkable journey began when she was only 12 years old, as a modeling agency discovered her in school and invited her to enter the world of fashion in New York. However, young Vivi chose to wait until she turned 15 before embarking on this exciting adventure in the world of modeling.

After this brave decision, Vivi honed her skills in Curitiba, where she also completed her studies. The city not only served as her training ground but also as a place for personal growth, shaping her into a mature woman beyond her years.

Now, with an international career in full swing, Vivi Di Domenico shares her experiences, adventures, and reflections in the 'MODEL' edition of Hooks Magazine. Additionally, in an interview, you will discover her current plans, including her dedication to improving her acting skills and her projects in the United States.

Check out the exclusive interview:

1. How did you deal with the move to New York from a small town in Paraná?

Initially, my family resisted the idea of me leaving Brazil. I started in Curitiba, completing my studies over 5 years, where I learned to live and fend for myself, maturing prematurely as a person.

2. About your time in Santiago, Chile. How did this experience impact your career and personal life?

I learned about responsibilities, managing my schedule, and interacting with people from different cultures, preparing me to work in another country. It made me feel more prepared and confident.

3. How did your experiences in São Paulo shape your professional and artistic journey?

These experiences opened doors to international contracts, including acting, which always benefits my work as a model. All experiences are valuable and contribute to my growth.

4. Tell us about your transition back to the international scene. What challenges did you face?

Moving to another country is always challenging; from cultural differences to natural phenomena. Each place has its peculiarities, and I faced earthquakes in Chile, hurricanes in the USA, heat in Dubai, and cold in London.

5. How have your multicultural experiences influenced your perspective and work?

Living in different places has made me appreciate the little things and realize how fortunate we are in Brazil. Brazilian culture is warmly embraced everywhere, and that's something I'm proud of. Such experiences enrich any profession.

6. Tell us about your current projects and how you balance acting, modeling, and your personal interests.

Currently, I'm studying to lose my Brazilian accent and pursue acting in Mexico. Additionally, I have projects in the United States. Whenever I travel for work, I take the opportunity to explore new places. Traveling is my only "addiction" and a passion that I also balance with my work in acting and modeling.


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