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Wearing a complete Miu Miu outfit, Bianca Andrade attends the brand's fashion show in Paris

Photo: @onlylusca

Styling: Joana Wood

Hairstylist: @ericamonteiro

Hair assistant: @alanleal.mua

On Tuesday (02), in Paris, the day started early for the businesswoman and influencer Bianca Andrade. For the first time during Paris Fashion Week, Boca Rosa was invited by Miu Miu to attend the brand's Spring-Summer fashion show, which took place at 9 a.m. Brasília time.

The new collection was filled with flat shoes, no high heels, stripes, and bold colors. About the show, she says:

"I am honored to have received this invitation from Miu Miu. It's a dream to be at Paris Fashion Week, and I am thrilled. Fashion is a universe I love to explore, and it allows me to be all my different selves. And of course, Miu Miu is one of the brands I wear the most! It suits me perfectly! This new collection is wonderful!"


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