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Gucci Cruise 2025 Debut: LONDRA, A Romantic Tribute to London

Photos Launchmetrics Spotlight - Collection Gucci Cruise 2025

Stepping onto the London runway, Sabato De Sarno carried the weight of anticipation on his shoulders. Unveiling his inaugural Cruise collection for Gucci, the pressure transcended the typical nerves of a fashion showcase. With Kering, the brand's parent company, already citing a year-on-year revenue decline and Gucci grappling with a notable downturn in the Asia-Pacific region, the stakes were undeniably high.

For Cruise 2025, De Sarno drew inspiration from the romantic allure of London, a city he intimately knows and from which he has drawn creative sustenance throughout his career. In an interview with The Guardian, he depicted London as a nexus where diverse energies and ideas intersect, nurturing a singular environment for creativity to blossom.

The collection itself mirrors De Sarno's vision of romanticism, interpreted through the lens of minimalism and refinement. Departing from the ornate creations of his predecessor, De Sarno's designs emanate a sense of understated elegance, infused with subtle nods to sensuality and wistful nostalgia.

A poignant reference emerged from a 1991 Princess Diana ensemble, effortlessly blending an oversized varsity jacket with a sleek pencil skirt. For De Sarno, this encapsulated London's essence: a fusion of seemingly disparate elements converging in seamless harmony.

Photos Launchmetrics Spotlight - Collection Gucci Cruise 2025


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