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Katy Perry performs at the coronation concert of King Charles III

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American singer Katy Perry was one of the main attractions of the Coronation Concert, an event held at Windsor Castle to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. The performance, which had around 20,000 spectators from the UK and was broadcasted to more than 100 countries, marked the first time the East Terrace of Windsor Castle hosted a live show. Katy Perry began her presentation with the song "Roar," followed by "Firework," two of her greatest hits. The artist had already worked with the king in a charity institution and stated that she intends to continue collaborating with him in activism causes.

Photo release on the internet.

The American artist, known for her extravagant and colorful looks, opted for a more elegant and sophisticated style for the occasion with the help of renowned designer Vivienne Westwood.

Perry started her journey in the British capital with a bespoke lilac suit paired with elbow-length gloves and jumbo-sized pearls, which was a hit on social media. For the show at Windsor Castle, the pop star chose a corseted baroque-style dress made of gold metallic leatherette that exuded grandeur and elegance.

The dress was created by the British brand Vivienne Westwood and was inspired by a bridal look from the 2006 Gold Label collection. The draping and 18th-century silhouette of the dress were designed to highlight Perry's beauty and elegance, perfectly matching the atmosphere of the Coronation.

Katy Perry's look at the Coronation Concert was a success among fans and fashion critics, who highlighted the star's elegance and sophistication. The choice of Vivienne Westwood to create the wardrobe for the American artist was spot on, showcasing the brand's ability to create unique and sophisticated pieces that perfectly match the personality of its clients. Without a doubt, Katy Perry's performance and striking look will be remembered for a long time by fans of music and fashion.

Perry’s Coronation Concert look is based on a bridal gown from a 2006 Vivienne Westwood Gold Label collection.

Photo release on the internet.

Opinion of fashion journalist Matheus Hooks.


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