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The looks that most caught our eye at the CFDA Awards 2023


Hooks Magazine has selected the looks that most caught our eye at the CFDA Awards 2023, which took place in New York. The event brought together celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Vanessa Hudgens and more.

Kim Petras - Photo Getty Images

Camila Mendes And Dove Cameron - Photo Getty Images

Kim Kardashian - Photo Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens - Photo Getty Images

Emily Ratajkowski - Photo Getty Images

At the fashion celebration, celebrities graced the event in their own unique and powerful styles, radiating elegance and sophistication. Some opted for a sleek all-black ensemble, while others embraced the allure of glitter and sparkle.

Demi Moore - Photo Getty Images

Shay Mitchell - Photo Getty Images

ANNE HATHAWAY - Photo Getty Images

Ashley Graham - Photo Getty Images

The evening also featured the presentation of the "Fashion Icon" award, which was rightfully bestowed upon tennis sensation Serena Williams. Serena stunned the audience in a dazzling, puffed-sleeve dress, embodying a remarkable blend of power and glamour.


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