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Text by Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks

The movie is an invitation to daringly challenge the normative and live freely, just like the new, intensely and ardently sensual fragrance.

To launch their new fragrance, LIBRE Le Parfum, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté invites Jenn Nkiru and Dua Lipa for the most epic LIBRE campaign of all time, featuring a new cover of George Michael's fiery anthem, "Freedom." The film showcases the fearless and thrilling vision of a woman - the LIBRE woman - captured in a series of majestic images that blend Dua's unrestricted freedom with the power of natural elements.

What was it like to be at the forefront of this project?

"This film resonated with me - a celebration of freedom and femininity. Life and existence are about the pursuit of LIBERTY. For me, LIBRE is not just a fragrance. It's a feeling. An invitation to dare to challenge the normative and live freely. I wanted to gather all that energy and pour it into the film," says Jenn Nkiru, director of the new campaign.

At the top of a dazzling lighthouse, magnificently illuminated by the morning light, Dua gestures towards the sky. An eagle lands perfectly on her arm. She turns her head, making eye contact with the majestic bird. They are connected, each representing a symbol of growing freedom. This is just one of the scenes in the film that proposes a dynamic between natural and urban environments.

As Jenn explains,

"Dua is the centrifugal force in our story. This is her odyssey. Her quest for freedom guides this film. Always moving forward, she is unstoppable. Dua is in total control. In deep connection, she is in symbiosis with nature. Our driving force throughout the YSL world, she is authentic, confident, and powerful. This film brings balance between the masculine and the feminine in a sensually captivating way, and Dua is an ambassador of YSL who personifies the essence of female empowerment."

Embracing the new motto of LIBRE, "Freedom doesn't wait,"

Dua Lipa explains, "The concept truly represents the inner fire of the LIBRE woman, her insatiable thirst for freedom, and her glowing soul. The truth is, there is no one way to be free, but each of us can and should find our own path without compromise or fear. Always unapologetically being ourselves."

For YSL Beauty, music is a powerful vehicle of freedom, and with Dua Lipa, the brand wanted to reinvent one of the great classics of pop music. For the new LIBRE campaign, Dua delivers a completely fresh and fiery cover of the iconic 1990 song "Freedom" by George Michael, transforming it into an anthem of freedom for LIBRE women worldwide. "Dua nurtures the feminine energy that empowers the world around her. Fearless in everything she does," adds the director.


Talent: Dua Lipa

Director: Jenn Nkiru

Cinematography: Tyler Mitchell

Music: "Freedom" by George Michael


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