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  • BALMAIN SPRING 2024: Timeless Elegance - Featuring Gisele Bündchen

    Photography: @rafaelpavarotti_ - Art directors: @rafaelpavarotti_@tuany.piquetti - Stylists: @stockdale.charlotte @katielyall - Hair: @sammcknight1 - Makeup: @peterphilipsmakeup - Set Designer: @Ibbynjoya - Casting: @bitton - Executive Production: @nowopentv - Production: @ragidholakiaproductions The latest Balmain campaign for Spring 2024 emerges as a beacon of timeless elegance. Led by the presence of the iconic Gisele Bündchen, the campaign captures the essence of modern luxury with a touch of classic allure. Under the lens of visionary photographer Rafael Pavarotti, Gisele Bündchen radiates unparalleled beauty and grace as she presents the exquisite Jolie Madame bag from Balmain's latest collection. Each frame is a testament to the brand's commitment to the art of tailoring and attention to detail, as vibrant tones and delicate nuances merge into a captivating scene. Named in homage to the house's iconic "Jolie Madame" silhouette, the Jolie Madame bag pays tribute to Balmain's rich heritage and Monsieur Balmain's audacious post-war creations. It skillfully blends tradition with innovation, offering a timeless accessory that exudes sophistication and allure. Olivier Rousteing, the creative mastermind behind Balmain, once again demonstrates his ability to capture the spirit of the times while remaining true to the brand's DNA. With the Spring 2024 collection, he invites us to embark on a journey of self-expression and empowerment, where each piece tells a story and every detail is a symbol of art and luxury.

  • Reebok LTD e MACHINE-A apresentam coleção que celebra a comunidade LGBTQIA+, disponível na FARFETCH

    Lançamento tem foco especial na neutralidade de gênero. Isaiah Jamal e Alibae - Fotógrafo Leslie Zhang - Divulgação FARFETCH Reebok LTD e MACHINE-A apresentam sua coleção exclusiva que celebra e homenageia a comunidade LGBTQIA+ com foco especial na neutralidade de gênero. A colaboração tem como objetivo promover a inclusão de toda a diversidade do amor e está disponível no marketplace da FARFETCH, principal plataforma global para a indústria de luxo. Cuidadosamente elaborada pelo designer londrino Steven Ma, essa parceria revela-se como um manifesto do amor progressista. As expressões artísticas da criativa Anni Fan se fundem perfeitamente com os designs, criados através da experiência de Stavros Karelis, fundador da MACHINE-A. Essa parceria é uma celebração da inclusão, um lugar onde movimento e expressão se misturam harmoniosamente. As peças da coleção simbolizam a fluidez e a positividade da sensualidade, representando uma declaração de expressão individual e ecoando um hino de liberdade pessoal. A campanha é uma carta de amor à comunidade Queer e foi fotografada pelo fotógrafo Leslie Zhang na China, com a direção criativa de Steven Ma, apresenta as encantadoras presenças de Kai Isaiah Jamal e Alibae, transcendo fronteiras e preconceitos com sua presença. A coleção está disponível no marketplace da FARFETCH.

  • Saint Laurent has the key piece to compose all your looks in 2024

    Taylor Swift with 5à7 bag in New York, on the night of January 9, 2024 With a palette of neutral colors and timeless design, the 5à7 bag is the right choice for the season. Known for its minimalist and elegant style, Saint Laurent is one of the top choices for celebrities for all occasions. From streetwear looks to red carpets and awards ceremonies, the brand accompanies influential figures in all their moments of prestige. And, with the 5à7 bag, it's no different. With its practical shape, timeless design, and neutral colors, the maison's key item is one of the top choices to finish off looks. Created as a tribute to the French film Cléo from 5 to 7 directed by Agnès Varda, the bag comes in various sizes, specially made for different needs, and is made with a more resistant and flexible material compared to past editions. Despite fitting into a minimalist neutral category, the metallic logo clasp on the front of the bag provides all the necessary spotlight to elevate any look in the most sophisticated way possible. How do celebrities wear the 5à7 bag? The piece, which quickly became an everyday ally, has consolidated itself in the closets of various influential figures, and especially in their streetwear looks. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Hailey Bieber, and Miley Cyrus have been seen multiple times wearing the iconic bag, always ensuring elegance and practicality. Miley Cyrus and her 5à7 bag signed Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello Hailey Bieber and her 5à7 bag signed Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello Rosé and its 5à7 bag signed Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello In addition to being popular among the world of celebrities, the bag has also become a prestigious target in TikTok fashion, reaching younger age groups, linked to the universe of fashion and the minimalist chic style.

  • Met Gala? No! It's the London premiere of "Dune: Part Two" - But the looks are worthy of the MET

    Photos Disclosure Zendaya just redefined timeless elegance at the London premiere of "Dune: Part Two." Stepping onto the red carpet, she transported us back to the glamour of the '90s with a stunning Thierry Mugler haute couture ensemble from Fall/Winter 1995. Anya Taylor wore a custom veiled Dior haute couture look Timothée Chalamet wore HAIDER ACKERMANN Austin Butler wore GUCCI Florence Pugh wore Valentino #anyataylorjoy #dior #dune #zendaya #hooks #mugler


    Photo Disclosure We are thrilled to announce that ambassador Timothée Chalamet debuted a second exclusive Cartier necklace during the world premiere of DUNE II in London on February 15th. Through over 900 colorful stones, the Maison evokes the iconic sands and deserts of the film, and the blue eyes of the character portrayed by the actor. Each color inhabits one side of the modular necklace, allowing the wearer to rotate the structure and choose which combination of stones to reveal. Credit: Cartier © Matthieu Lavanchy A precious sand landscape is created on one side through shades of orange, yellow, brown, and white diamonds, studded with inverted diamonds that add a jagged texture reminiscent of the film's scenery. On the reverse, the Maison chose to play with shades of blue, opting for sapphires and spinels to recreate the vitality and intensity of the stunning blue eyes seen throughout the film. This collaboration began in the Maison's Parisian workshops, where the actor met with Marie Laure Cérède, Cartier's Creative Director of Jewelry and Watches, and shared his inspirations: the aesthetics of the Dune film itself, along with archival references and exclusive film photos. Credit: Cartier © Matthieu Lavanchy Both creations will become part of the Cartier Collection, traveling the world to illustrate the Maison's creativity and technical expertise at major exhibitions and cultural institutions. "Cartier creations have always been my first choice for important moments, and being able to collaborate on this project only reinforced that for me. I think Marie-Laure and I found a perfect way to evoke the desert and rugged beauty of 'Dune' in Cartier style; a wonderful contrast to the colorful enchantment of our first collaboration together." - Timothée Chalamet

  • BAFTA Winners: Emma Stone and Christopher Nolan Shine Bright in Gala Night

    Photos Disclosure BAFTA In a night filled with excitement and anticipation, the stars shone brightly at the BAFTA awards ceremony. Emma Stone dazzled audiences with her extraordinary talent, taking home the prestigious award for 'Best Actress' for her captivating performance in 'Poor Things'. Her portrayal left a lasting impression on both critics and fans alike. Christopher Nolan's epic masterpiece, 'Oppenheimer', dominated the awards, sweeping multiple categories. Not only did the film secure the coveted title of 'Best Film', but Nolan himself was honored with the award for 'Best Direction', showcasing his unparalleled vision and storytelling prowess. The stunning cinematography and captivating original score also earned well-deserved recognition, further solidifying 'Oppenheimer's' place in cinematic history. The stellar cast of 'Oppenheimer' delivered standout performances, with Cillian Murphy's powerful portrayal earning him the accolade for 'Best Actor'. His co-star, Robert Downey Jr., also made a memorable impression, clinching the award for 'Best Supporting Actor'. Meanwhile, DaVine Joy Randolph stole the spotlight with her remarkable performance in 'The Holdovers', securing the title of 'Best Supporting Actress'. Her talent and dedication to her craft were evident on screen, making her win well-deserved. Check out the full list of winners of the BAFTA 2024: Best Film - Anatomy of a Fall - The Rejects - Assassins of the Moon of Flowers - Oppenheimer (WINNER) - Poor Things Best British Film - All Unknowns - How To Have Sex - Napoleon - The Old Oak - Poor Things - Rye Lane – An Unexpected Love - Saltburn - Scrapper - Wonka - Zone of Interest (WINNER) Best Actor - Bradley Cooper – Maestro - Colman Domingo – Rustin - Paul Giamatti – The Rejects - Barry Keoghan – Saltburn - Cillian Murphy – Oppenheimer (WINNER) - Teo Yoo – Past Lives Best Actress - Fantasia Barrino – The Color Purple - Sandra Hüller – Anatomy of a Fall - Carey Mulligan – Maestro - Vivian Oparah – Rye Lane – An Unexpected Love - Margot Robbie – Barbie - Emma Stone – Poor Things (WINNER) Best Supporting Actor - Robert De Niro – Assassins of the Moon of Flowers - Robert Downey Jr. – Oppenheimer (WINNER) - Jacob Elordi – Saltburn - Ryan Gosling – Barbie - Paul Mescal – All Unknowns - Dominic Sessa – The Rejects Best Supporting Actress - Emily Blunt – Oppenheimer - Danielle Brooks – The Color Purple - Clair Foy – All Unknowns - Sandra Hüller – Zone of Interest - Rosamund Pike – Saltburn - Da’vine Joy Randolph – The Rejects (WINNER) Best Rising Actor or Actress - Ayo Edebiri – The Bear - Jacob Elordi – Saltburn - Mia McKenna-Bruce – How to Have Sex (WINNER) - Phoebe Dynevor – Fair Play and Bridgerton - Sophie Wilde – Talk to Me Best Direction - Andrew Hiagh – All Unknowns - Justine Triet – Anatomy of a Fall - Alexander Payne – The Rejects - Bradley Cooper – Maestro - Chistopher Nolan – Oppenheimer (WINNER) - Jonathan Glazer – Zone of Interest Best Original Screenplay - Justine Triet and Arthur Harari – Anatomy of a Fall (WINNER) - Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach – Barbie - David Hemingson – The Rejects - Bradley Cooper and Josh Singer – Maestro - Celine Song – Past Lives Best Adapted Screenplay - Andrew Haigh – All Unknowns - Cord Jefferson – American Fiction (WINNER) - Christopher Nolan – Oppenheimer - Tony McNamara – Poor Things - Jonathan Glazer – Zone of Interest Best Cinematography - Rodrigo Prieto – Assassins of the Moon of Flowers - Matthew Libatique – Maestro - Hoyte van Hoytema – Oppenheimer (WINNER) - Robbie Ryan – Poor Things - Łukasz Żal – Zone of Interest Best Editing - Laurent Sénéchal – Anatomy of a Fall - Thelma Schoonmaker – Assassins of the Moon of Flowers - Jennifer Lame – Oppenheimer (WINNER) - Yorgos Mavropsaridis – Poor Things - Paul Watts – Zone of Interest Best Production Design - Sarah Greenwood and Katie Spencer – Barbie - Jack Fisk and Adam Willis – Assassins of the Moon of Flowers - Ruth De Jong and Claire Kaufman – Oppenheimer - Shona Heath, James Price and Zsuzsa Mihalek – Poor Things (WINNER) - Chris Oddy, Joanna Maria Kuś and Katarzyna Sikora – Zone of Interest Best Costume Design - Jacqueline Durran – Barbie - Jacqueline West – Assassins of the Moon of Flowers - Dave Crossman and Janty Yates – Napoleon - Ellen Mirojnick – Oppenheimer - Holly Waddington – Poor Things (WINNER) Best Hair and Makeup - Kay Georgiou and Thomas Nellen – Assassins of the Moon of Flowers - Sian Grigg, Kay Georgiou, Kazu Hiro and Lori McCoy-Bell – Maestro - Jana Carboni, Francesco Pegoretti, Satinder Chumber and Julia Vernon – Napoleon - Luisa Abel, Jaime Leigh McIntosh, Jason Hamer and Ahou Mofid – Oppenheimer - Nadia Stacey, Mark Coulier and Josh Weston – Poor Things (WINNER) Best Sound - Angelo Bonanni, Tony Lamberti, Andy Nelson, Lee Orloff and Bernard Weiser – Ferrari - Richard King, Steve Morrow, Tom Ozanich, Jason Ruder and Dean Zupancic – Maestro - Chris Burdon, James H. Mather, Chris Munro and Mark Taylor – Mission Impossible – Part 1 - Willie Burton, Richard King, Kevin O’Connell and Gary A. Rizzo – Oppenheimer - Johnnie Burn and Tarn Willers – Zone of Interest (WINNER) Best Visual Effects - Jonathan Bullock, Charmaine Chan, Ian Comley and Jay Cooper – Resistance - Theo Bialek, Stephane Ceretti, Alexis Wajsbrot and Guy Williams – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 - Neil Corbould, Simone Coco, Jeff Sutherland and Alex Wuttke – Mission Impossible – Part 1 - Henry Badgett, Neil Corbould, Charley Henley and Luc-Ewen Martin-Fenouillet – Napoleon - Simon Hughes – Poor Things (WINNER) Best Original Score - Robbie Robertson – Assassins of the Moon of Flowers - Ludwig Göransson – Oppenheimer (WINNER) - Jerskin Fendrix – Poor Things - Anthony Willis – Saltburn - Daniel Pemberton – Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Best Casting - Kahleen Crawdord – All Unknowns - Cynthia Arra – Anatomy of a Fall - Susan Shopmaker – The Rejects (WINNER) - Isabella Odoffin – How To Have Sex - Ellen Lewis and Rene Haynes – Assassins of the Moon of Flowers Best Debut by a British Writer, Director, or Producer - Lisa Selby (director), Rebecca Lloyd-Evans (director and producer) and Alex Fry (producer) – Blue Bag Life - Christohper Sharp (director) – Bobi Wine: The People’s President - Savanah Lef (writer, director, and producer), Shirley O’Conner (producer) and Medb Riorden (producer) – Earth Mama (WINNER) - Molly Manning Walker (writer and director) – How To Have Sex - Ella Glendining (director) – Is There Anybody Out There? Best Animation - The Boy and the Heron (WINNER) - Chicken Run: The Threat of Nuggets - Elements - Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Best British Short Film - Festival of Slaps - Gorka - Jellyfish and Lobster (WINNER) - Such A Lovely Day - Yellow Best British Short Animation - Crab Day (WINNER) - Visible Mending - Wild Summon Best Foreign Language Film - 20 Days In Mariupol - Anatomy of a Fall - Past Lives - The Snow Society - Zone of Interest (WINNER) Best Documentary - 20 Days In Mariupol (WINNER) - American Symphony - Beyond Utopia - Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie - Wham! Congratulations to all the winners of the BAFTA awards! Their remarkable contributions to the world of cinema have left an indelible mark, and their talent continues to inspire audiences around the globe.

  • "Emily in Paris" begins filming its 4th season, while scenes become a backdrop for protests in the capital Paris

    Photos disclosure Internet Paris, known for its romantic allure and timeless charm, is now a battleground for discontent as the hit series "Emily in Paris" faces backlash from locals. With the fourth season currently in production and Lily Collins teasing fans on social media, the city's picturesque scenes have become the backdrop for a different kind of drama. Reports from the Daily Mail reveal that French citizens are pushing back against what they perceive as the invasive influence of the show, dubbing the influx of enthusiastic fans as the "Invasion of Fools." The cause for their frustration? The overwhelming wave of tourism fueled by the series' popularity. Photo Courtesy of Netflix The streets that once welcomed tourists with open arms now bear the marks of resistance. Graffiti adorns the walls of iconic filming locations, such as the building that serves as Emily's fictional Parisian residence. Messages of dissent, including "Emily, go home," "Emily not welcome," and even harsher sentiments, have transformed these spots into symbols of defiance. At the heart of the controversy lies a deeper issue – the romanticized portrayal of Paris perpetuated by the show. Locals decry what they term the "Paris Syndrome," a phenomenon wherein visitors arrive with unrealistic expectations, only to be met with the harsh realities of urban life. In "Emily in Paris," viewers are transported into the life of Emily, an ambitious American navigating the intricacies of French culture. Yet, as fans flock to the sites depicted in the show, tensions rise, revealing a stark divide between fantasy and reality. The once-idyllic square that houses Emily's fictional abode now echoes with calls for change. Phrases like "Emily, find another city" and "Paris is not your playground" serve as a stark reminder of the city's resistance to the show's narrative. Despite the uproar, the creators of "Emily in Paris" and Netflix have remained silent on the matter. Meanwhile, filming continues amidst the dissent, underscoring the complexity of the relationship between art, tourism, and the city of lights. As Parisians reclaim their streets, the debate rages on, leaving us to question the impact of fiction on reality in the age of streaming.

  • Integrando Mente e Corpo: Um Caminho para o Bem-Estar Integral

    Fotos Divulgação Press A educadora física Cau Saad compartilhou sua visão sobre a interconexão entre saúde mental e física. Segundo ela, a saúde mental e física são conectadas, somos um todo indivisível. Destacando a importância do equilíbrio entre mente e corpo, ela enfatiza como nossas crenças, sentimentos e pensamentos impactam diretamente em nossa saúde física e postura. Adotando uma abordagem holística, Cau ressalta os benefícios de considerar tanto a saúde mental quanto a física. "A abordagem integrativa considera a pessoa como um todo, buscando a promoção do equilíbrio global, trata-se não apenas de tratar os sintomas, mas também as causas subjacentes dos desafios de saúde". Quanto às estratégias para promover um equilíbrio saudável, a educadora física destaca a importância dos pilares fundamentais: "exercícios físicos, alimentação nutritiva, vinda da natureza e regrada, cultivar bons pensamentos e cuidar de si mesma, esses hábitos são essenciais para manter uma boa saúde mental e física no dia a dia.” Falando sobre o impacto positivo da atividade física na saúde mental, Cau Saad destaca: “O exercício regular pode melhorar o humor, reduzir o estresse e promover um sono mais saudável.” Além disso, ressalta os benefícios da nutrição na promoção do bem-estar físico e mental, enfatizando a importância de "uma alimentação saudável e equilibrada". Identificar os sinais de desequilíbrios entre saúde mental e física é crucial, e ela aponta sintomas como desânimo, mau humor e procrastinação. “Para lidar com esses desafios, precisamos de uma equipe integrada de profissionais, incluindo médicos, terapeutas nutricionistas e os educadores físicos”. Por fim, ela enfatiza a importância das práticas de autocuidado, como sono adequado, alimentação saudável, exercícios regulares, e gestão do estresse. “Precisamos de escolhas saudáveis, tanto internas quanto externas, e de alinhar tudo isso com a saúde espiritual".

  • "The New Look" série sobre Christian Dior e Coco Chanel já esta disponível na Apple Tv+

    Apple TV+ já disponibilizou os três primeiros episódios de “The New Look” . Com 10 episódios, a nova obra audiovisual sobre Christian Dior se passa em Paris, na França, durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial. Além da rixa entre ele e Coco Chanel, o enredo aborda outros rivais do estilista, como Pierre Balmain e Cristóbal Balenciaga. Para retratar os grandes nomes da moda, um elenco de peso foi escalado. O vencedor do prêmio Emmy, Ben Mendelsohn (“Capitã Marvel”), dará vida à ‘Christian Dior’, e a vencedora do Oscar, Juliette Binoche (“O Paciente Inglês”) será ‘Coco Chanel’. A francesa Juliette Binoche caracterizada como a icônica Gabrielle Chanel — Foto: Divulgação Ben Mendelsohn como Christian Dior em 'The New Look'. — Foto: Divulgação

  • Sandy Liang - Detalhes da sua coleção apresentada no NYFW

    Comemorando os 10 anos da marca, a coleção de outono da designer Liang apresentou uma coleção fantasia dos momentos da vida das mulheres - "a estética colegial numa visão madura'', roupas para serem vividas e para ganhar experiências, ao mesmo tempo que mantém um pouco do passado que fez de você quem você e hoje . Para as peças inspiradas em princesas, Liang manteve seus códigos de design ultrafemininos para estilos, incluindo vestidos tipo jaqueta de seda, saias-pufe inspiradas em Maria Antonieta e vestidos românticos com detalhes em arco e roseta que eram modernos e simples. Os looks corporativos de Liang mostraram sua capacidade de trazer sua estética de garota descolada para outros tipos de roupas por meio de sua abordagem de roupas de escritório com vestidos de jaqueta, conjuntos de tweed, ternos descontraídos com detalhes de laço e camisas sociais atualizadas. Ao lado de ternos e peças separadas com adornos de laços, a coleção marcou outra interação da franquia colaborativa Sandy x Salomon, lançando um novo par de tênis pretos com cadarço e sapatilhas de alças cruzadas.

  • Ofertas Especiais Coco Bambu Curitiba

    Desfrute o melhor da gastronomia com essas promoções irresistíveis que só o Coco Bambu traz pra vcs, clientes de Curitiba. As unidades do Park Shopping Barigui e Shopping Crystal estão com promoções nos pratos individuais, os pratos rápidos para almoço de Segunda à Sexta Feira. A ofertas não acabam por aí. Edições Limitadas Especiais para os pratos Brasil tamanho Familia. Lembrando que o Coco Bambu atende tanto presencial nos restaurantes quanto através de Delivery no App Coco Bambu. Park Shopping Barigui Piso Térreo loja 181 Shopping Crystal Piso L2 @gio.prates @cocobambucuritiba

  • Carol Peixinho brilha pelo terceiro dia consecutivo como apresentadora do Carnaval de Salvador

    Photo: @yagomesquitta @mnetolima Styling: @victorpportela Dress: @meninosreis Beauty: @gothammuah / Assistant @fontenelemakeup Earrings and Ring: Carol Peixinho, a influenciadora digital e ex-participante do Big Brother Brasil, continua encantando como apresentadora do Carnaval de Salvador. Hoje marca o terceiro dia de sua atuação, e ela não poderia estar mais deslumbrante em seu look belíssimo. Além de liderar com maestria as festividades, Carol está arrasando com suas escolhas de moda, elevando ainda mais o glamour do evento. Seu carisma e energia contagiantes prometem manter o público animado e envolvido durante todo o Carnaval. Mais um dia de celebração com Carol Peixinho, onde a diversão e a beleza se unem para criar memórias inesquecíveis neste Carnaval de Salvador!

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