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Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse: Experience a Magical Getaway in Barbie's World

Photo Credit Hogwash Studios

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Barbie, where dreams come to life! In an exciting twist, Ken, Barbie's beloved companion, is taking the spotlight and offering an exclusive opportunity to stay in Barbie's renowned Malibu DreamHouse. Get ready for an enchanting adventure as Ken opens the doors to this iconic mansion, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the magic of Barbie's universe like never before.

This summer, coinciding with the highly anticipated release of the live-action Barbie film, Ken, portrayed by the talented Ryan Gosling, has transformed a portion of the Malibu DreamHouse into his personal paradise. Combining his unique style and interests with Barbie's signature pink aesthetic, Ken has created an extraordinary experience that reflects his personality and adds a special touch to the dreamlike ambiance of the mansion.

Photo Credit Joyce-Lee

Located along the picturesque shores of Malibu, the oceanfront DreamHouse offers breathtaking views that serve as the perfect backdrop for Ken's picture-perfect paradise. Lucky guests will have the chance to book Ken's bedroom for two individual one-night stays on July 21 and July 22, 2023. And the best part? All stays are free of charge, as Ken believes that Barbie's DreamHouse should be accessible to everyone.

During their stay, guests will have the opportunity to live in technicolor. They can explore Ken's fabulous wardrobe, filled with fashionable beach attire, and discover their own beach-inspired looks. For those feeling adventurous, they can test their dancing skills on Ken's outdoor disco dance floor or serenade the sunset with Ken's guitar. There will be plenty of time for relaxation and fun by the infinity pool, and guests will even receive their very own set of yellow-and-pink Impala skates and surfboards as a keepsake to cherish the memories of their extraordinary stay.

Ken's hosting venture is a celebration of the upcoming live-action Barbie film, directed by the visionary Greta Gerwig and featuring a star-studded cast. This remarkable opportunity allows guests to step into Ken's shoes and experience his passion for beach life, fashion, and fun. It's a unique chance to connect with the beloved characters of Barbie's world and create lifelong memories.

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Barbie and experience Ken's Malibu DreamHouse. With its breathtaking views, vibrant ambiance, and unforgettable experiences, this magical retreat promises to be an experience like no other. Book your stay now and get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure where dreams truly come to life. Barbie's world awaits you!


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