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Burberry Resort 2024: A Tribute to Tradition with a Digital Twist

Image: Burberry Resort 2024 Collection - Photography by Jonathan Frantini.

In an exciting showcase, Daniel Lee unveiled his second collection for the iconic Burberry brand, the Resort 2024. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Savile Row, the focus remains on reinterpreting the brand's classic codes, striking a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

The highlight of this collection lies in the timeless Burberry check pattern, a hallmark of the brand. However, Daniel Lee adds a modern touch by incorporating digital distortions into Scottish scarves, coats, and trench coats, offering a fresh perspective on this enduring element. The Prince of Wales check also makes an appearance, exuding elegance and sophistication.

Image: Burberry Resort 2024 Collection - Photography by Jonathan Frantini.

The figure of the Burberry knight, an emblematic

symbol of the brand, is artfully integrated into the collection. It emerges both in leather accessories, adding a touch of nobility, and in the metallic details of the bags, mirroring the grace and form of horses. This fusion of tradition and contemporary design is what makes this collection truly special.

The release comes at an opportune time, coinciding with the reopening of Burberry's iconic store on New Bond Street in London. After two years of renovations, the three-story address now reflects a more minimalist vision, showcasing attention to detail and a greater focus on accessories. Burberry is poised to impress customers with an engaging and immersive shopping experience.

In addition to the London store, one-third of Burberry stores worldwide have already received the brand's "new face," including the Rue Saint-Honoré store in Paris and the Plaza 66 store in Shanghai. This gradual renovation underscores Burberry's commitment to offering a modern and sophisticated environment that highlights the excellence and innovation of its creations.

With the Resort 2024 collection, Daniel Lee reaffirms his ability to blend the past with the future, preserving Burberry's essence while propelling the brand to new heights. Fashion enthusiasts can expect a unique experience and an iconic aesthetic as they explore this extraordinary collection.


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