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Photo Courtesy Cartier - BTS GROUP - credits The Bardos © Cartier

In 1924, Trinity was born. 100 years later, Cartier is celebrating the anniversary of this icon in a new campaign film. More than a piece of jewellery, it is a symbol of unity and diversity. Linked by Trinity’s interlocking rings, Cartier ambassadors Paul Mescal, JISOO, Yara Shahidi, Jackson Wang and Labrinth, embody all forms of love and the infinite possibilities of connection: family, friends, infinite, indefinite.

Like the three rings of Trinity, they move independently, but harmoniously, to advance with grace through an infinite landscape, accompanied by a soundtrack from Labrinth. As part of this

orchestration, the composer brought together their voices as one, inviting us to reflect on the diversity of connections that we establish.

“The bonds we make, no matter what shape they take, friendship, passion, family, when a bond is there, it brings us closer, sometimes for a life time, sometimes just a brief moment of time, but that’s not important… if a bond forms, just once, it has the power to bind us for life.”


Paul Mescal - Credits Nathaniel Goldbgerg & Cartier

Irish actor Paul Mescal is known for the nuance and sensitivity of his work, on stage as well as in front of the camera. Following his breakout role in Normal People, he has since been nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars as well as many other accolades.

“Trinity to me embodies friendship, love and kindness. It's an absolute honour to be a part of this campaign" – Paul Mescal


Jisoo - Credits Nathaniel Goldbgerg & Cartier

Since her debut, JISOO has emerged as a prominent global artist, achieving countless milestones. With more than 77,6 million followers on Instagram, this global pop star makes history and brings together an entire generation across the world: from the singer of one of the most successful bands BLACKPINK

to a talented and iconic actress.

“For me, Trinity is a part of our lives, it links to the idea of diversity and allows me to embrace all my facets – and to encourage new generations to do so.” - JISOO


YARA SHAHIDI Credits The Bardos ©️ Cartier

Award-winning American actress, producer, and breakout star of ABC’s Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated series black-ish. She has quickly established herself as an impressive multi-hyphenate and

one-to-watch in Hollywood. The Harvard graduate is also known for her social engagement and activism, particularly her fight for on-screen diversity. In 2023, she played the role of Tinkerbell in

the film Peter Pan and Wendy, and starred in Sitting in Bars with Cake, which she also executive produced.

“Trinity is an emblem of connectivity and love which is so fitting, as my own life is a result of the deep love I’ve felt from my community of support.” – Yara Shahidi


Jackson Wang - Credits Nathaniel Goldbgerg & Cartier

Musician, performer, fashion designer, and creative director, has amassed over 97 million followers across social media platforms. He’s the founder of TEAM WANG and the first Chinese artist to perform at Coachella two years in a row.

“I hope everyone can find their own standard of happiness and satisfaction. I try to establish emotionallinks that resemble Trinity’s values.” – Jackson Wang


Labrinth - Credits Nathaniel Goldbgerg & Cartier

Labrinth is an English singer, songwriter and record producer. Having released 3 widely successful studio albums (Electronic Earth, Imagination & the Misfit Kid, Ends & Begins), Labrinth took on the role as composer of HBO’s hit series Euphoria, for both Season 1 and Season 2. He has won awards from the Emmys, Ivor Novellos, and Brits as well as having received multiple Grammy nominations. As a producer, Labrinth has collaborated with many internationally renowned artists, and is part of the

super-group LSD, alongside Sia and Diplo.

“To feel, to love and to craft as a collective is a truly amazing experience. The collaboration in itself, joining diverse worlds and creating exchanges is a true symbolism of the universality of Trinity.” -Labrinth


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