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Emma Roberts is the new ambassador of Kiko Milano

Actress consecrates herself as an Italian brand ambassador with the limited edition release of a best seller

Emma Roberts in Unlimited Double Touch lipstick launch campaign

Kiko Milano, the Italian brand renowned for high-performance makeup and cosmetics, has announced its new ambassador, actress Emma Roberts. Known for her work in American Horror Story, It's Kind of a Funny Story, and Holidate, the actress solidifies her role as ambassador with the launch of the limited edition of one of the brand's favorite products: Unlimited Double Touch.

One of Kiko Milano's best-selling liquid lipsticks is applied in 2 steps: first, you apply the long-lasting lipstick, which ensures up to 16 hours of intense finish, high pigmentation, lip comfort, and quick drying, and then apply the colorless base, which acts as a gloss, providing a shiny finish to the lips, as its formula has emollient action.

The packaging features two applicators, one for each product, suitable for each texture: the velvety applicator, for the lipstick, ensures precision and confidence when applying makeup, while the brush applicator, for the gloss, ensures the application of the exact amount of product at once.

The product is dermatologically tested and is the perfect lip combo for those who love a matte lipstick and for those who love Kiko Milano's glowy effect!

The new limited edition line of Unlimited Double Touch features six new shades, inspired and made to be worn in evening looks, with bright colors and lots of confidence, such as intense, vibrant reds and purples, highly pigmented. The addition of six more color options brings the line to 30 shades, offering consumers options for any and every occasion.

"I'm very excited about this partnership with Kiko Milano, as their new global ambassador, and to join the brand on its journey to become the first global Italian beauty brand," says Emma Roberts. "The way Kiko Milano embraces beauty is truly inspiring and infinitely creative. They have more colors in one store than I've ever seen in my entire life! Not to mention their exclusive collaborations and limited edition releases. I love the brand's mission to instill confidence in people through beauty. To me, that's what true beauty is all about. Plus, the joy that Kiko brings to its growing fan base through products and services is beautiful. Who wouldn't want to be a part of all that?" concluded the actress.


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