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Hooks coverage at the Resort 2024 Collection show

Backstage (photo: Bruno Ryfer)

The Carolina Herrera team wishes to express their immense gratitude to the city and the people of Rio de Janeiro, generous hosts of the Parade Resort 2024 and the surrounding events. We continue to be inspired by the energy of the city, Alegría de Vivir and limitless optimism. Note: Mother nature and the Brazilian tropical climate proved to be the true muse. While the guests arrived to enjoy a delicious cocktail Immediately, the invitees were accompanied to join the party adjacent to the place, a jungle greenhouse, built for the occasion. While the models paraded barefoot, in the rain, holding their shoes, provoking an exciting and romantic scene of the Girl from Ipanema.

Carolina Herrera and guests (Photo: Bruno Ryfer)

Check out photos of the event and guests:

Romulo Estrela (Bruno Ryfer)

Thales Bretas and Monica Martelli (Bruno Ryfer)

Cintia Dicker, Luciana Gimenez and Seu Jorge ( photo: Bruno Ryfer)

Chay Suede and Laura Neiva

Jordana Maia and Juan Guedes

Luciana Tranchesi, Marcella Tranchesi and Romulo Estrela (Bruno Ryfer)

Sheron Menezez (Bruno Ryfer)

Lazaro Ramos and Tais Araujo

Joao Figueiredo and Sasha Meneghel (Bruno Ryfer)

Fernanda Paes Leme ( Manu Scarpa/BrazilNews)

Marina Ruy Brabosa (Manu Scarpa/BrazilNews)


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