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Lacoste presents campaign of the year: PLAY BIG

Iconic and artistic, new campaign focuses on the greatness of the crocodile

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This year, Lacoste reaches new heights with its grand campaign, Play Big. By exploring different places with elevated artistic treatment, 2024 is undeniably a big year for the Crocodile and its fashion sport. With the launch, Lacoste reinforces its brand power decidedly focused on the future, adapting to the times by playing a key role in this evolution, always with boldness, spirit, and style.

Like its mascot, which from time to time continues to move, Lacoste follows suit by making the world a playground for its fans, inspiring them to create their own game: that's what Play Big is all about. The initiative aims to be a powerful call to action that captures the breadth of the iconic Crocodile's impact, embracing the inner courage of each ambassador present in the campaign and the unstoppable spirit of the label, which pioneers the fusion of fashion and sport.

And to bring this artistic piece to life, Lacoste has invited four of the most talented creative minds in the industry, with a unique affinity for color, light, and form: contemporary artists Imruh Asha and Ibby Njoya, renowned photographer Willy Vanderperre, and Antonio Sánchez, celebrated for his Birdman soundtrack. Together, they have reinvented this icon with a remarkable blend of precise engineering, textile art, and craftsmanship, turning it into a grandiose work of art, eight meters long and nearly three meters tall, with its jaws wide open.


For the campaign, Lacoste chose to highlight a giant crocodile, the brand's icon, in vibrant representations: colorful, playful, and large-scale, perfectly illustrating the savoir-faire and intelligence of the French fashion house. As a pioneer of fashion sport, it was essential to reference tennis, elevating textile materials such as mesh, cotton polo, and knit to create a strong connection between fashion and the brand's characteristic craftsmanship. Thus, the colossal sculpture of the crocodile is made entirely of traditional materials from the sport.


Play Big finds its pulse in the uniqueness and attitude of six prominent global ambassadors: Novak Djokovic, Venus Williams, Pierre Niney, Jeon So-mi, Ahn Hyo Seop, and Wang Yi Bo - each of whom is recognized as an inspiring figure in their particular territory. The chosen ones embody the audacity, unlimited creativity, and confidence that are the very essence of the brand. The star of the campaign, the unmistakable mascot, interacts uniquely with each ambassador, reflecting their individual style, personality, and driving force.

"At Lacoste, we take great pride in harnessing our rich heritage while simultaneously maintaining a spirit of innovation. And as we constantly strive to reinvent ourselves, this new Play Big campaign is an occasion to reaffirm the power of our Crocodile, our roots in fashion, and our rightful place in the world of sport, especially tennis," says Catherine Spindler, Deputy CEO of Lacoste.

Opening the list is tennis legend Novak Djokovic, the most victorious player in the history of the game. He sets the tone and remains steadfast, calmly holding the animal's jaws. Demonstrating the power and fearlessness that have taken him to unprecedented levels in the sport, the athlete's relaxed demeanor reflects his unparalleled mastery on the court.

Venus Williams, another revolutionary figure in tennis, is captured in a playful pose within the open jaws of the crocodile. Her unwavering grace and commitment to excellence are reflected in her confident posture, symbolizing the power of two forces in a grand encounter. Venus faces the animal with the same charisma she brings to opponents on the court.

Pierre Niney, a celebrated French actor, brings tradition and modernity to life, embodying the elegance of the brand. His deep connection with Lacoste, fueled by his love for tennis, is evident as he casually tosses a tennis ball into the crocodile's mouth, reviving an iconic image and representing a historic campaign.

Meanwhile, South Korean singer and model Jeon So-mi injects vibrant energy into the campaign. Meeting the reptile in a charismatic and modern way, So-mi's playful poses and youthful energy perfectly encapsulate the spirit of authenticity of the brand.

Meanwhile, South Korean actor Ahn Hyo Seop reminisces about his childhood memories of the French brand as he fearlessly poses inside the jaws of the crocodile. His calm yet bold posture reflects his meteoric rise in the world of cinema, while his red polo shirt subtly matches the sculpture's red tongue, creating a chameleon effect.

Lastly, one of Asia's most influential young artists, Wang Yi Bo, showcased his talent in various fashion expressions, leading the trend with a unique attitude towards the campaign. With one leg raised high, he symbolizes grace, audacity, and the necessary balance in his various roles. His life philosophy, liberation through movement, resonates with the brand's goals, both on and off the sports field.

"It's special to continue celebrating our journey in 2024 by showcasing our greatness and the power of bringing so many inspiring people close to the Crocodile. We continue to strengthen our brand presence in the region by complementing the campaign with local names. It's a great opportunity to further amplify our powerful positioning here," says Pedro Zannoni, CEO LATAM Lacoste.


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