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Lancôme presents La Nuit Trésor Fleur de Nuit, a new floral amber fragrance

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Telling a love story like never before, this fragrance celebrates a love that is so strong and enchanting that it blossoms even in the darkness of the night.

Lancôme, the French beauty brand, introduces the new floral amber fragrance, La Nuit Trésor Fleur de Nuit Eau de Parfum, inviting women to celebrate love in a secret new nighttime garden where only the most beautiful flowers bloom and the most precious love stories unfold.

The luxury French beauty brand, Lancôme, weaves a tale of romance and sensuality with the new fragrance, La Nuit Trésor Fleur De Nuit. This launch invites every woman to live intensely and surrender to a passionate ardor with the new floral fragrance from the Lancôme La Nuit Trésor line.

Created by perfumers Amandine Clerc-Marie, Honorine Blanc, and Alexis Grugeon, La Nuit Trésor Fleur de Nuit Eau de Parfum opens with the iconic Damascus rose, found in other fragrances of the La Nuit Trésor line, blending with notes of jasmine, tuberose, and mirabilis (Belle de Nuit) in the heart of the fragrance. In the base notes, patchouli melts under the gentle warmth of benzoin and irresistibly smooth chantilly, finishing with coffee notes, like a macchiato, extending the euphoria of love and reflecting a sensual and romantic fragrance.

"This new edition of the La Nuit Trésor line celebrates a delicate fusion of bodies embracing each other until dawn. A new story based on the recipe of a fusion love: sensuality through woods, romance through rose, and a touch of aphrodisiac indulgence. These are the iconic pillars that tenderly merge into a delicious and irresistibly stimulating fragrance," share Amandine Clerc-Marie, Honorine Blanc, and Alexis Grugeon.

Top notes: Damascus rose;

Heart notes: Jasmine, tuberose, and mirabilis (Belle de Nuit);

Base notes: Patchouli, benzoin, chantilly, and macchiato.

For the first time, the iconic diamond-shaped bottle of the La Nuit Trésor line is covered with an intense black veil, complemented by a reddish-pink hue that, when exposed to light, shines like a precious ruby.

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