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Ninel Conde: From "Rebelde" Success to International Career


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In an exclusive conversation with Mexican star Ninel Conde, we delve into her artistic career and discover her future projects. The actress and singer, renowned for her iconic role in the novela "Rebelde," shared her memories of the early years, from beauty pageants to portraying Alma Rey.

Ninel revealed that she carefully selects her projects, seeking captivating stories that can deliver something special to her audience. Her musical versatility shines through as she explores different genres and stays updated with current trends.

When asked about her favorite songs, Ninel expressed that each holds a special place in her heart, as they reflect a part of her essence. She is gearing up to release new music and promises musical surprises for this summer.

Furthermore, Ninel shared her future plans, including participation in a reality show and her own television program a reality series about her life. She is also excited about the "Rebelde" group reunion tour, which has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Discussing the evolution of the music and television industry in Mexico, Ninel emphasized the importance of adapting and delivering the best of her art. She stays abreast of trends, from music sounds to costumes.

Lastly, Ninel expressed her love and gratitude for her fans, who have supported her throughout the years. She receives numerous messages and considers the connection with fans a divine gift and her ultimate motivation.

Full interview now available, check it out below:

1. How did your artistic career begin and what were your first works?

Started with a beauty contest, but actually, when I was a child, I always envisioned myself as a big star in acting and music. In my dreams, I always wished to do what I do now. I am truly grateful for every job and opportunity. They have all left me wonderful memories, but if I had to mention one, it would be Alma Rey.

2. How was your experience participating in beauty pageants and how did it influence your career?

It was beautiful. I did it at a time when it was a significant movement. Families would pause to watch the pageants. It gave me a lot of confidence, trust, experience, and above all, stage presence.

3. Can you share some memories from your early years as an actress, singer, and dancer?

They were special because my mom was very close to me. She was the brain behind my career, and thanks to her guidance and the love she put into everything, she steered me towards success and instilled discipline in me. That's why I am the artist I am today.

4. How do you choose your acting and music projects, and what do you look for in a role or song?

I am very careful with the projects I choose. I read the scripts, the story, and if it captivates me, I move forward. Thank God, I am always offered projects, but it is essential to me what I deliver to my audience. So, I tend to be very demanding with the projects I dedicate myself to, whether in acting or music.

5. What is your musical creation process, and how do you choose the style and tone of your songs?

Music is universal, and that's why it constantly transforms. I like to be avant-garde and versatile. Whether it's singing cumbia, regional Mexican, pop, or even urban rhythms that are currently in vogue. I am preparing many musical surprises for this summer.

6. What are some of your favorite songs that you have recorded and why?

They are all very special to me. Each album and each song has a little bit of Ninel Conde.

7. How do you manage to balance your acting and music career, and how does this influence your schedule?

In a completely busy schedule, thank God we have a lot of work. It's not just music; it's acting, my OnlyFans page, my marketing products, and also dedicating time to the gym and new projects.

8. What are some of your future plans in music and acting?

In acting, you will see me soon in a reality show, but I will also be filming my own show, a reality about my life called "Ninel Conde Uncovered," which I hope you'll like. We are also about to release new music, and in July, I am going to Brazil for a sold-out show, and we just added one more date. I feel very happy and grateful to my fans.

9. How do you see the evolution of the music and television industry in Mexico, and how does this influence your career?

It influences us to evolve, like everything and everyone else. The industry transforms, and we as artists have the obligation to give the best of our art. I like to stay updated on what's trending, from music sounds to costumes.

10. How are fans reacting to the return of the "REBELDE" group for a reunion tour?

I think it has been a worldwide phenomenon, and I am happy about it. It was not only a wonderful era that set a precedent in music, but I also had the fortune to be part of it. The tour will be a great success!

11. Do you receive many fan messages, considering that your character Alma Rey was one of the most prominent in the novela?

I receive a lot of messages. One of the things I love the most is that connection I have with my fans, with that family that has followed me for years and always supports me in my projects. It's a divine gift, and I genuinely appreciate it. They are my motivation and the reason for my existence.


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