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We are thrilled to announce that ambassador Timothée Chalamet debuted a second exclusive Cartier necklace during the world premiere of DUNE II in London on February 15th.

Through over 900 colorful stones, the Maison evokes the iconic sands and deserts of the film, and the blue eyes of the character portrayed by the actor. Each color inhabits one side of the modular necklace, allowing the wearer to rotate the structure and choose which combination of stones to reveal.

Credit: Cartier © Matthieu Lavanchy

A precious sand landscape is created on one side through shades of orange, yellow, brown, and white diamonds, studded with inverted diamonds that add a jagged texture reminiscent of the film's scenery.

On the reverse, the Maison chose to play with shades of blue, opting for sapphires and spinels to recreate the vitality and intensity of the stunning blue eyes seen throughout the film.

This collaboration began in the Maison's Parisian workshops, where the actor met with Marie Laure Cérède, Cartier's Creative Director of Jewelry and Watches, and shared his inspirations: the aesthetics of the Dune film itself, along with archival references and exclusive film photos.

Credit: Cartier © Matthieu Lavanchy

Both creations will become part of the Cartier Collection, traveling the world to illustrate the Maison's creativity and technical expertise at major exhibitions and cultural institutions.

"Cartier creations have always been my first choice for important moments, and being able to collaborate on this project only reinforced that for me. I think Marie-Laure and I found a perfect way to evoke the desert and rugged beauty of 'Dune' in Cartier style; a wonderful contrast to the colorful enchantment of our first collaboration together." - Timothée Chalamet


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