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Pandora promotes music festival in Ibiza with concerts by Jaden Smith and Ella Mai

Last night, more than 150 people enjoyed the Pandora ME Festival, promoted by the Pandora jewelry store in Ibiza. Jaden Smith and Ella Mai surprised the guests with incredible performances.

The festival was attended by names such as Addison Rae, Donte Colley, Selah Marley, Brianda Deyanara, from Mexico, Fer Villalobos and Flavia Martín, from Chile, as well as Brazilians Jeanny Soares and Francisco Borsoi and Colombian Natalia Betancourt Hoyos.

Pandora ME ambassadors Addison Rae, Donte Colley and Cecilia Cantarano, along with all the other guests, wore the latest additions to the Pandora ME range, including the Sun Power Medallion, Tie-Dye Double Link and Vibes Open Ring. Full of bright colors, including new tie-dye enamel, the pieces are inspired by music festivals, energy and freedom. The drop brings pieces with even more colors, more styles and more options that can be combined with each other and totally transform the look.

The collection is now available in the brand's physical stores and e-commerce.

#PandoraME #ForEveryMe @theo cialpandora


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