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Paris Jackson Named as Face of KVD Beauty with Unprecedented Beauty Partnership and Details

Pioneering: Featuring a super-pigmented gel pencil formula of the brand's iconic Tattoo Liner

KVD Beauty is launching the Tattoo Pencil, born from the brand's #1 liquid eyeliner, now in an ultra-soft gel pencil. Model, actress and singer Paris Jackson makes her debut in the beauty industry as the face of the launch of the new Tattoo Pencil Liner.

A talented actress and model, Paris Jackson graced the cover of several national and international fashion magazines, a testament to her worldwide recognition. The daughter of a prodigal pop sensation, Jackson is an emerging music professional who took the industry by surprise with her beautiful vocals and moody songs. Now, in her first appearance in the beauty field as the newest brand ambassador for KVD Beauty, Jackson is spreading her wings with an entirely new and exciting effort.

"As an artist, I was immediately drawn to KVD Beauty for its commitment to art and self-expression, both of which are a big part of my personal identity," Jackson said.

"I also appreciate how the brand brings together tattoos and cosmetics in such a beautiful way. Coupled with the fact that they're 100% vegan and not tested on animals, this partnership with KVD Beauty feels truly organic, and I can't wait for it all. of interesting things to come."

"Paris exemplifies so much of what KVD Beauty stands for: kindness, discovery and individuality, to name a few," said Tara Loftis, vice president of global marketing and public relations for KVD Beauty. "For all her kindness and beauty, we are so excited to be partnering with such an inspiring and powerful woman as our new brand ambassador and face of Tattoo Pencil Liner. We know this partnership will be a great success, and there is no one we would rather be with. work other than Paris on this exciting journey."

To bring this long-awaited release to life, Jackson's art for this campaign was spearheaded by KVD Beauty's Global Art Ambassador Veritas Anthony Nguyen (@anthonyhnguyenmakeup), top celebrity makeup artist known for his endless creativity and breathtaking visuals. the traffic. Inspired by the bold visuals and graphics that can be created with pencil, the campaign was shot by famed photographer Tyrell Hampton and produced by Danyul Brown.

The new Tattoo Pencil Liner is a long-wearing, high-impact pigmented gel eyeliner with a standout matte finish that glides on easily so you can outline, blend, or create graphic looks. This versatile pencil is waterproof, doesn't transfer and doesn't fade, so it can be used all day on the eyelid or waterline.

The Tattoo Pencil Liner was inspired by the two fundamentals of tattoo art: the LINE for easily creating bold lines, and the SHADOW for fast blending. The formula dries fast and has excellent hold for all-day wear; just apply to one eye at a time so you can set it and forget it.

Launching in ten matte shades that range from essential color kits like TROOPER BLACK + brown to high-impact cobalt + purple, this collection gives you the tools to use art to create your looks. The shades were inspired by and named after historical pigments such as Pyrolusite Brown (cool brown), Axinite Brown (warm brown), Magnetite Gray (smoky gray), Verdetta Green (deep green), Violet Hematite (antique violet), Diox Purple ( bold amethyst), Madder Red (rust red), Azurite Blue (vibrant cobalt), Blue Ashes (intense sapphire) and the brand's iconic Trooper Black (ultra black).

Tips from the pros:

LINEAR: Glide the pencil along the lash line and/or waterline. For a smoother look, use a small, dense brush or your finger to gently blend the line.

SUPER SMOOTHY: Create your eyeliner with Tattoo Liner in TROOPER BLACK on your upper lash line, then use a tinted shade of Tattoo Pencil Liner to quickly blend your lower lash line and waterline.

PERFECT LINE: After outlining with the Tattoo Liner, use the Tattoo Pencil Liner in TROOPER BLACK or PYROLUSITE BROWN to fill in any flaws in your upper waterline for a perfect finish.

In a consumer perception study with 30 volunteers, immediately after application:

97% of users agreed that this product has rich and intense pigmentation performance.

94% of users agreed that this product is comfortable on the waterline.

93% of users agreed that this product has high waterline pigmentation performance.

Tattoo Liner Gel (R$165) has 10 shades and will be available exclusively at Sephora Brazil.


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