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The Promising Career of Ana Namor as a Wig Entrepreneur


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From Model to Businesswoman, Ana Namor Takes the Human Hair Wig Industry by Storm

Ana Namor, born in Russia and currently residing in Mexico, embarked on a journey that has led her to become a successful entrepreneur in the wig industry. Her passion for sports and love for physical activities has always been evident since her childhood. Starting her career as a dancer, Ana's life took a dramatic turn when she witnessed an awe-inspiring aerial acrobatics show. Intrigued by the transformation process involving makeup, wigs, and extensions, she immersed herself in the world of hair styling and gradually honed her skills.

Having captivated audiences with her stunning beauty, Ana embarked on a modeling career at the young age of 16. Balancing both her modeling endeavors and performances, she traveled to over 12 countries, gracing the grandest stages and clubs worldwide. Her talents and striking appearance were recognized in magazines across Russia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Ana is dedicated entirely to her entrepreneurial ventures in the wig and human hair industry, which serves as the focal point of our interview below.

Interview with Ana Namor, Founder of LIT HAIR

1. How did you decide to enter the human hair wig industry and establish your own brand, LIT HAIR?

I used to work as a pro gymnast and performed in many shows all over the world. What always fascinated me was the makeover process, with the whole makeup, hair wigs, and extensions. You could become a completely different person in a matter of hours! Since then, I learned a lot about the hair wigs and extensions industry, as it was part of my daily life and work, both as an artist and a model.

2. What are the key differentiators of LIT HAIR's human hair wigs compared to other brands available in the market?

I would say the quality of hair and client service that we provide. Most of the big brands in the market are using remy hair, which is the closest natural-looking hair made of synthetic materials. There is nothing wrong with remy hair, but they do differ from natural ones. They are heavier, and you cannot style them using hot tools or color them, etc. At LitHair, we only use 100% human hair that you can treat just the same as your own!

3. How do you ensure the quality of LIT HAIR's products, especially considering that they are shipped worldwide?

I personally ordered and tried all the products that we are going to sell. The ones that I found not good enough, I simply don't work with. Because I myself know how it is to spend all day wearing a wig/hair extensions.

4. What are the main challenges you face in managing a business that serves international customers?

I would say shipping, because that is something that cannot be controlled personally and includes third-party shipping companies that are used by all major brands. And of course, as a perfectionist, I want my customers to receive their products as soon as possible.

5. How do you select human hair suppliers to ensure only the finest materials are used in LIT HAIR's wigs?

Same as I mentioned before, the only way to secure the quality is to check and revise it all personally by the team. We test them, we color them, we try to cut them and see how the product reacts. Plus, we stay in regular contact with the supplier directly to discuss the quality.

6. How do you stay updated on customer trends and preferences regarding human hair wig styles? Does LIT HAIR offer customized options?

Social media spreads trends and new season ideas so fast nowadays. You don't need a special occasion or occupation anymore to let yourself wear a bold outfit or wig or change your look completely. We do have an entire color palette, and we can customize wigs and hair extensions of any color, including red, blue, or pink, and any length and style. Curvy red blonde? You got it! Kim Kardashian's perfect long silky dark? You got it! Anything! And it will all still be 100% human hair, which means you can wear and use it just the same as your own.


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