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The Triumphant Return of Street Style: Trends in Oversized Clothing, Skater Sneakers and more

Photo Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

The world of fashion is known for its constant changes and twists, and one of the latest trends taking over the streets is the resurgence of street style. Oversized clothing, chunky sneakers, and padded garments are making a comeback, bringing with them an urban, comfortable, and highly personalized aesthetic. In this fashion feature, we will explore how these trends are resurfacing and how fashion enthusiasts are incorporating them into their personal style.

I. The Revival of Oversized Clothing:


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Oversized clothing, a trademark of 90s street style, is making a strong comeback. From oversized pants to loose-fitting shirts and wide-cut jackets, the trend of oversized garments offers a bold alternative to the tight and fitted cuts that have dominated fashion in recent years. We will discuss how these oversized pieces bring comfort and a touch of nonchalance to the contemporary wardrobe.

II. The Allure of skater Sneakers:

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Skater sneakers, also known as dad sneakers, have become a sensation among fashionistas. With their thick soles and voluminous silhouettes, these shoes are winning over both men and women. We will explore the popularity of chunky sneakers, their various design variations, and how they have become a key element in creating stylish and laid-back looks.

III. The Coziness of Padded Garments:

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In the winter months, padded garments have stood out as a warm and stylish option. Padded jackets, vests, and even pants have found their place in street style, offering a perfect blend of fashion and functionality. We will examine how padded clothing is being reinvented with sophisticated fabrics and modern details, and how they have become a popular choice for facing chilly days with great style.

Opinion Matheus Hooks (Fashion Director):

As street style resurges as a prominent influence in current fashion, oversized clothing, chunky sneakers, and padded garments take center stage in the trends. These style choices bring a sense of authenticity, comfort, and individuality to those who embrace them. Whether for a casual look or to make a bold fashion statement, street style offers versatile and contemporary options. So, don't be afraid to embrace these trends and show the world your unique style on the streets. Be yourself, be unique!


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