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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté presents LIBRE Le Parfum, the more intense version of the iconic LIBRE

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The new fragrance is more sensual, with warm and spicy notes of saffron, bourbon vanilla, and honey.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté introduces LIBRE Le Parfum, the most intense and sensual version of the fragrance LIBRE. The bold new creation by perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim (IFF) features a sensual signature of orange blossom and fresh lavender, complemented by new accords of saffron, bourbon vanilla, and honey.

To further elevate the temperature, the sweet facet is reinforced in LIBRE Le Parfum. Naturally present in the precious absolute of LIBRE's orange blossom, the scent is enhanced both by the sweet facet of the saffron accord from the Ourika Community Gardens and a honey accord. The fragrance is further accentuated by an infusion of bourbon vanilla, crafted exclusively for YSL Beauté.

The Ourika Saffron accord, obtained through headspace technology, which captures the olfactory molecules from the plant's atmosphere to recreate its fragrance, is used for the first time in a fragrance, revealing the unique creamy and incandescent aspect of the saffron flower cultivated in YSL Beauty's Ourika Community Gardens in Morocco. Illuminated by a fresh bergamot heart created for YSL and combined with the fresh and warm ardor of spicy ginger, this exclusive saffron accord intensifies LIBRE Le Parfum like never before.

Top notes: Ginger, saffron, mandarin, and bergamot.

Heart notes: Orange blossom and lavender.

Base notes: Bourbon vanilla, honey, tonka bean, and vetiver.



YSL Beauté has been working with producers in Calabria, Southern Italy, where bergamot is a specialty. The bergamot is hand-harvested sustainably from November to February when it reaches its ideal maturity point, to obtain the highest quality essence. The extraction unit is located very close to the orchard to ensure freshness. The obtained essence is then redistilled to enhance its sparkling and acidic freshness.


Diva Lavender is grown in low mountain areas of Provence, France. Sustainably sourced, this ingredient is part of a program that aims to promote the return of lavender plantations in France. The stem and flower are first steam-distilled, producing a 100% natural essential oil. The oil is then fractionated with CO2, a process that allows perfumers to eliminate less desirable and more masculine facets, leaving only the most beautiful fractions. The Diva Lavender Heart, a fresher and more floral expression of the essence, is crafted for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.


Lavandin, a hybrid of two wild lavenders, is one of the major perfume crops in France. The quality used in LIBRE is obtained from a sustainable source, with the aim of improving farmers' income, ensuring fair prices, and ensuring price stability in the long term. Here, only the floral top is used. To preserve its vibrant freshness, the flowers are steam-distilled, then deconstructed through molecular distillation and reassembled into a "heart." The resulting unique quality was created for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.


Hand-pollinated on the day it blooms, the vanilla flower produces green pods that must be harvested when fully ripe and then dried for six months to develop their aroma. The premium infusion, crafted for the house, is obtained through state-of-the-art extraction technology, which preserves the full and rich aroma of the pod. Powerful and textured, this infusion captures a unique effect of ripe vanilla with balsamic tones. Vanilla Bourbon Premium Infusion is sustainably sourced in Madagascar through a community program.


The iconic bottle of LIBRE remains the same for LIBRE Le Parfum, powerful, elegant, and bold, with the fragrance juice in a new reddish golden hue. Created by designer Suzanne Dalton, who followed the concept of the perfume and took liberty with the Yves Saint Laurent logo, curving it to match the distinct angle of the bottle and fixing it to the glass. Made possible because Cassandra, one of the fashion world's most legendary logos, can be instantly recognized from any angle.

The bottle mirrors the masculine/feminine tilt of the perfume, where the allusion to a tailored suit can be seen. The extravagance of Cassandra's oversized golden high fashion cuts through the glass, and the act of turning it breaks the codes. The elegant golden chain around the neck, also a reference to the Maison's handbags' handles, is contemplated because the YSL woman feels free to wear chains as long as they do not take away her freedom and they are golden. The inclined black cap that seals the bottle adds a sexy asymmetry typical of high fashion. Either way, the YSL woman can break the chains whenever she wants. Show her skin. Experience freedom without clothes. Because there is no more emotional word to define today's women. LIBRE.

LIBRE Le Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté is available in 30ml and 50ml versions, with suggested prices of $137.25 and $209.75, respectively.


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