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Michael Bucquet « The French Rocker » on exclusive cover and interview


Photographer: @the__little__joe

Make up: @ornellafrosi

Hairstylist: @yazidhairstylist

Style: @the__little__joe & @michaelbucquet

Élite model Agent: @aurelie_bachellier

In the vibrant landscape of French music, emerges a figure blending the essence of rock with poetic lyricism and rebellious charm. Meet Michael Bucquet, the multifaceted artist, poised to unveil his latest single, "Coma," marking his solo journey after his stint on The Voice France.

From the pulsating energy of rock to the realms of electronic music, rap, funk, and folk, Bucquet's musical odyssey knows no bounds. "Music is a world in itself," he shares, "and I want to explore as many places as possible." Inspired by diverse genres, he creates a sonic landscape that reflects his multiple influences and his relentless pursuit of artistic expression.

But Bucquet's artistry transcends mere melodies. With experience in modeling and acting, he infuses his performances with a captivating allure, seamlessly blending sound and image to create a mesmerizing spectacle. "Music isn't just music," he asserts. "It's a show - a complete offering of sound, image, and emotion."

At the heart of Bucquet's latest release, "Coma," lies a poignant narrative of heartbreak and departure, delivered with electrifying fervor. "Sadness doesn't have to be expressed only in a soft song," he explains. "Pain can also be channeled through anger and the need to let off steam."

Check out the exclusive interview with the singer:

1. What inspired you to explore various musical genres, including rock, electro, rap, funk, and folk?


For me, music is a world in itself, and I want to explore as many places as possible. All styles of music are interesting, and there's a lot to learn outside your comfort zone. Whether you're a guitarist, a singer or a composer, to be enriched you have to be adventurous, put yourself in danger, discover and learn from others.
I've done a lot of jam sessions to share with other musicians.
The soaring and, hypnotic side of electro, the energy of rap, the gentleness of folk and the dynamism of funk have all helped me to flesh out my own music and broaden my palette.


2. How has your background in modeling and acting influenced your approach to music and performance?


Music isn't just music. For me, it's a show. You have to offer people something complete: sound, image, life, emotion, performance and passion. A lot of messages can be conveyed through clothes, behavior and stagecraft.
Especially in rock, where attitude is everything. My experiences in front of the camera have helped me to let go of my complexes and be fully in character, to give the best of myself and push back my limits as a former shy child.


3. Can you share a bit about the creative process behind your new single "Coma"? What themes or emotions does it explore?


Coma is an introspective song on the theme of a painful break-up or departure. But rather than make it a slow, sad ballad, I chose to make it a punchy, dynamic song. With bass, guitar and vocals to the fore. And, of course, the strength of the lyrics. Sadness doesn't have to be expressed only in a soft song with piano or acoustic guitar. Pain can also sometimes be expressed through anger and the need to let off steam, and that's what I wanted to express on Coma, which has a sad theme, but with sounds that get the head moving.


4. How do you balance the poetic and rebellious aspects of your music, and how do they manifest in your songwriting?


I've always been a bit of a paradox. In my playlist, there are lots of soft, soothing songs, and right next to them, big, aggressive songs full of furious guitars. I need to express all the facets of my personality. My sultry, rebellious side, yes, but also my romanticism and sensitivity. I don't put up any barriers when I compose. Some songs are very soft, others very hard.
So, I compose sounds that are sometimes very "rockstar" and others where I express my fragility and pain … Because the most important thing for me is to reflect who I am, what's happened to me in my life, to remain authentic and share it through music.


5. With your diverse artistic interests, such as cinema and painting, how do you integrate these influences into your music?


Cinema, painting and art in general have a major influence on my vision of things. Particularly in my image and music videos, where I refer to many films and sometimes even paintings to achieve certain shots and come up with certain ideas. The works of Scorsese, Nolan and Tarantino give me a lot of ideas and references.
In terms of painting, it's Van Gogh, Manet or Da Vinci who inspire me, whether through their work or their lives. Van Gogh, seriously ... he was after all the poet cursed rocker of painting, don't you think, haha?


6. What can listeners expect from your upcoming music video for "Coma," and how does it tie into the overall narrative of your solo career?


With Coma, people will begin to discover the person I am today, and the artist I am becoming over time.
Rocker? Yes, always, but not only. A mix of influences and ideas, accumulated over the last 10 years. Between strength and fragility, joy and sorrow, hope and despair.
I hope that it will speak to people and that they will be able to identify with the lyrics and feel emotions. I've left my teenage rock behind to take my music a little further, enriched by all my adventures, good and bad. Coma is the cornerstone of a more authentic, sincere, mature and assertive solo career.


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