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EXEMPTION: The importance of exemption in journalism is indisputable, and it is one of the main quality attributes that information must have to be considered valid. However, it is impossible to achieve 100% exemption, as everyone has subjectivity. Nevertheless, it is necessary for media outlets to have formally declared exemption as an objective, and for their professionals to strive to achieve a high degree of this quality attribute. To do so, it is important to follow some principles, such as addressing the various angles surrounding events in a report, welcoming the contradictory, and not having taboo subjects.

In addition to exemption, other quality attributes should be present in journalistic information, such as accuracy and agility. Accuracy refers to the precision of facts and information disclosed, and it is important for the journalist to conduct careful research before publishing news. Agility, on the other hand, concerns the speed of information dissemination, as the relevance of news may diminish over time.

Thus, it can be said that the quality attributes of journalistic information are exemption, accuracy, and agility. For a media outlet to be reliable and credible, it is necessary to follow these principles and for its professionals to strive for a high degree of quality in their work.

ACCURACY - Hooks Magazine understands that accuracy is one of the fundamental pillars of journalism. The credibility of the outlet depends on the veracity of the information conveyed. For this, it is essential that all professionals involved in the journalistic process be diligent in checking facts and information.

The team of journalists at Hooks Magazine is committed to confirming all information through as many sources as possible, except for official information from public or private entities. In addition, images and information sent by the public via the internet will only be published after verification of their veracity.

All information published by Hooks Magazine must be accurate, correct, and without errors, including names, dates, locations, times, ages, addresses, historical references, descriptions of processes, scientific definitions, terms of a contract, explanations about forms of government, among other objective data.

The journalist is responsible for the accuracy of what is researched, but it is important to note that journalistic work is collective, and therefore, everyone involved in editing a report should be attentive to possible inaccuracies. Any doubts about the data of a report should be expressed before its publication to make it more accurate.

Revision is an integral and fundamental part of Hooks Magazine's journalistic process. It is not a form of control or censorship but a tool to avoid errors. Everyone involved in the process must participate in this examination before publication. The editorial staff should also ensure quick access to reliable databases through technological tools.

Finally, Hooks Magazine recognizes that despite all efforts to avoid errors, they can still occur. In these cases, it is the outlet's obligation to correct them transparently, without subterfuge, in a movement that is essential to the pursuit of correct information. In addition, it is important for the outlet to be open to public observations, critical or laudatory, to process, understand, and follow up on them, contributing to quality control after the publication of information.


Our company has as non-negotiable values the independence, impartiality, secularity, and the pursuit of impartiality, accuracy, and agility in the journalism we practice. We are not for or against governments, churches, clubs, economic groups, or parties, but rather we strongly defend values that are essential for the full development of society: democracy, individual liberties, free enterprise, human rights, republicanism, scientific advancement, and preservation of nature.

It is essential for us that all actions that may endanger these values are carefully covered by our team of journalists, with an impartial and pluralistic spirit, widely welcoming opposing views, in accordance with the principles established here. After all, the affirmation of these values is also a way of guaranteeing journalistic activity itself, which depends on democracy, free enterprise, and freedom of expression to exist.

We are fully aware that this vigilant posture often generates discomfort and accusations of partisanship, but we understand that journalism cannot abdicate its role of scrutinizing any action that may threaten these values, especially government actions. This is a mission we cannot give up.

However, we do not confuse this posture with a belief that journalism should always adopt an aggressive and permanently critical stance. Our goal is to cover everything that may endanger the values we consider essential for people to pursue happiness. This posture is absolutely in line with the values that govern our actions as a company. 

Therefore, the journalism we practice will always follow this postulate, with independence, impartiality, and the incessant pursuit of values that we consider fundamental for a free, democratic, and just society.


Editorial principles that Hooks Magazine 

Editorial principles that Hooks Magazine International follows for its editorial and journalism line.

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