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  • Yves Saint Laurent Beauty presents LIBRE L’ABSOLU PLATINE: Absolute Intensity in a Bottle

    Combining the freshness of white lavender and the sensuality of orange blossom, the new fragrance is a bold evolution of LIBRE Eau de Parfum. Photos disclosure Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Inspired by the brand's motto "Tout, mais terriblement" (everything, but to the extreme), this bold new creation by master perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm intensifies the characteristic tension of LIBRE Eau de Parfum between masculine and feminine, cold and warm, strength and thrill. With a new original accord, white lavender, exclusively developed for LIBRE L’ABSOLU PLATINE, it adds a unique dimension to the fragrance. Personified by singer and ambassador Dua Lipa, LIBRE L'ABSOLU PLATINE is a bold and seductive statement that encapsulates the essence of the free woman. "Among the variations we explored around LIBRE, it was time for lavender to have its own spotlight. In a mirrored contrast, the masculine becomes ultra-feminine, and the orange blossom reveals all its sensuality," says Anne. An icy freshness is introduced to the new accord with a touch of aldehydes, naturally derived from the aromatic plant known as polygonum. This note, combined with the citrus vivacity of bergamot and mandarin, brings an intriguing, silvery, and audacious opening. Top Notes: Aldehydes, bergamot, and mandarin Heart Notes: Orange blossom, lavender, and white lavender Base Notes: Vanilla and amber INGREDIENTS With a haute couture touch in a classic style, LIBRE L’ABSOLU PLATINE was developed with high-quality materials specially selected by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. In this custom-made line, the fragrance's key natural ingredients were deconstructed and reconstructed with advanced techniques, also aligned with the sustainable concept of extraction and fair remuneration, to extract the best from each note, thus creating a unique and intense essence. DIVA LAVENDER HEART, from France The Diva Lavender Heart is grown in low mountain areas of Provence (France). Of sustainable origin, this ingredient is part of a program that aims to promote the return of lavender plantations in France. The stem and flower are first steam distilled, producing a 100% natural essential oil. The oil is then fractionated with CO2, a process that allows perfumers to eliminate less desirable and more masculine facets to gather only the most beautiful fractions. The Diva Lavender Heart, a fresher and more floral expression of the essence, is crafted for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. LAVANDIN HEART, from France Lavandin—a hybrid of two wild lavenders—is one of the largest perfume crops in France. The quality used in LIBRE is sustainably sourced, with the goal of improving farmers' income by ensuring a fair price and guaranteeing stable prices in the long term. Here, only the floral top is used. To preserve its vibrant freshness, the flowers are steam distilled, then deconstructed by molecular distillation and reassembled into a "heart." The particular quality resulting from this process was created for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. PREMIUM VANILLA BOURBON INFUSION, from Madagascar Hand-pollinated on the day it blooms, the vanilla flower produces green pods that must be harvested while still ripe and dried for six months to develop their aroma. The premium infusion, crafted for the house, is obtained through cutting-edge extraction technology, which preserves the full and rich aroma of the pod. Powerful and textured, this infusion captures a unique effect of mature vanilla with balsamic tones. Premium Vanilla Bourbon Infusion is sustainably sourced in Madagascar through a community program. BOTTLE Created by Suzanne Dalton, the iconic LIBRE bottle becomes even more precious, adorned with a platinum silver finish. Its mercury-like sheen contrasts with the delicate lines of the glass. Against the silver background, the oversized horizontal gold Cassandra appears even more radiant. Shaped to follow the sharp angle of the packaging and fixed to the glass—a feat of engineering—the Cassandra shines like a haute couture jewel. In a seductive detail, a V-shaped glass cutout highlights the Y's neckline, creating a deep incision in the geometric packaging, as refined as a custom-made YSL tuxedo, intensifying the brilliance of the platinum finish. Adding an asymmetric haute couture touch, the tilted black cap that adorns the packaging highlights the elegant golden chain that wraps around it. This design element references the YSL woman who values her freedom, allowing chains in her style as long as they do not restrict her freedom, and especially if they are golden.

  • Selena Gomez, Karla Sofía Gascón, and Zoe Saldana received a triple Prix d'Interprétation Féminine during the 77th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France

    Actresses Selena Gomez, Karla Sofía Gascón, and Zoe Saldana from the film Emilia Perez, one of the productions by Saint Laurent Productions by Anthony Vaccarello, received a triple Prix d'Interprétation Féminine during the 77th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. Photo Courtesy by Saint Laurent Productions by Anthony Vaccarello The film tells the story of the highly qualified yet underestimated Rita, a lawyer at a major firm more interested in getting criminals out of jail than bringing them to justice. One day, she gets an unexpected opportunity when cartel leader Manitas hires her to help him exit the business and fulfill a secret plan he has been preparing for years: to become the woman he has always dreamed of being. Photo Courtesy by Saint Laurent Productions by Anthony Vaccarello The cast includes Selena Gomez, Zoe Saldaña, Karla Sofía Gascón, Adriana Paz, and Edgar Ramirez. The film will be in French cinemas starting August 28. Photo Courtesy by Saint Laurent Productions by Anthony Vaccarello Photo Courtesy by Saint Laurent Productions by Anthony Vaccarello

  • "DEconstruction": Exclusive Editorial with Brazilian Icon Cariúcha in Partnership with Hooks Magazine International

    “DEconstruction” Photographic Project in Partnership with Hooks Magazine International! This time featuring the Brazilian personality Cariúcha for an exclusive editorial! Conceptualized by photographer Anderson Macedo, this project aims to create fashion and art content and images through diversity and democratic beauty, showing through major media personalities that “EVERYONE IS IN FASHION and ART IS IN EVERYONE!” CREDITS - Executive Production: @andersonmmacedo_ - Photographer: @demmacedo - Photo Assistant: @lualondinephoto - Video: @pedrogcf - Backstage Video: @wes.w.e.s - Beauty: @bygustavovoltolini - Hair: @marcelossmakeup - Styling: @jeanmarcios - Styling Assistant: @gustavolemee_ - Studio: @zoidestudio / @guitelrafaela - Looks by: @rbiz_assessoria, @duopressassessoria, @valentinatodafina, @penhamaia, @pontok - Marketing Director Hooks: @mathlopes - Editor In Chief Hooks: @directorhooks - Fashion Director Hooks: @evelyoliveira #cariucha #hooks #hooksmagazine #magazine #fashion #editorial

  • Introducing Fenty Beauty’s New Hydra Vizor Huez

    Photos Disclosure Fenty Beauty Fenty Beauty, renowned for its innovations in the beauty world, is once again setting trends with the launch of the Hydra Vizor Huez Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum Mineral SPF 30 Sunscreen Refill. This multifunctional product is the latest addition to anyone's beauty arsenal, combining hydration, a hint of color, and sun protection in one convenient item. Multifunctionality in One Product The Hydra Vizor Huez is much more than a simple moisturizer. It is designed to provide a complete experience, offering benefits that go beyond basic skin care. By providing deep hydration, this product also offers lightweight, even coverage that enhances the natural beauty of any skin tone. The mineral-based formula ensures a smooth, non-greasy application, ideal for daily use. Reliable Sun Protection With summer approaching, the importance of a good sunscreen cannot be underestimated. The Hydra Vizor Huez comes with Broad Spectrum SPF 30, offering effective protection against UVA and UVB rays. This protection is crucial to prevent damage from sun exposure, such as premature aging and sunburns, ensuring healthy and beautiful skin every day. Inclusivity and Sustainability Fenty Beauty has always stood out for its inclusive approach, creating products that cater to a wide range of skin tones. The Hydra Vizor Huez is no exception, ensuring everyone can find the perfect shade for their skin. Additionally, the refill option reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainability, allowing consumers to recharge their product without unnecessary waste. Availability The Hydra Vizor Huez Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum Mineral SPF 30 Sunscreen Refill is now available exclusively on the Sephora app and in Sephora stores. Be ready to add this versatile and eco-friendly product to your daily beauty routine. Don’t miss the chance to experience this revolutionary new product from Fenty Beauty. The Hydra Vizor Huez promises to be an indispensable ally for those seeking practicality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility in their daily skin care regimen.

  • Ivy Moraes: The Radiant Star of 'STARS' Edition at Hooks Magazine

    ‘STARS’ COVER EDITION - GLOBAL ISSUE Photos/Videos: Hallyson Bysmarck Style: Kelvin Mendes Make and hair: Gabriel Arcanjo Studio: @studionomaconecta General Direction Ivy: Kaio Cezzar Design Director Cover: Matheus Lopes Editor-In-Chief: Matheus Hooks Get ready to be enchanted by the stunning Ivy Moraes, the model and influencer who shines on the cover of the 'STARS' edition of Hooks Magazine, a global publication distributed in over 25 countries. Be prepared to dive into Ivy's life and fashion as she stands out as the new muse of Barroca Zona Sul for the 2024 Carnival! In an exclusive interview, Ivy shared how the opportunity to become the muse of Barroca Zona Sul arose. After receiving previous invitations, it was the warmth and unique story of the school that won her heart, leading her to accept the invitation to be the muse of Carnival in 2024. Addressing her combination of personal style with the vibrant colors of Barroca Zona Sul, Ivy revealed her love for Carnival and passion for the color pink, which she adores. Her relaxed and cheerful approach promises a celebration of fashion and culture during the parade. For the cover of Hooks, we created an edition with the theme of the Brazilian Carnival, with lots of sparkle and joy in the images. Check out the exclusive interview with Ivy Moraes below: 1. How did the opportunity to become the muse of @barrocazsoficial in 2024 arise? Actually, I had received some invitations some time ago. However, I never felt completely confident about parading, you know? But then, a friend came along, made me a heartfelt invitation, and told me about the school's history. I fell in love. So, I accepted the invitation to be the muse! 2. How do you plan to blend your personal style with the theme and colors of Barroca Zona Sul SP in the Carnival parade? Actually, I don't have something specific. I love Carnival, I love the celebration... The way we can play with outfits, create a mix of colors. Of course, always respecting the school's colors, which include one that I love: pink, a color I'm passionate about! 3. What does it mean to you to be recognized not only as an influencer but also as a Carnival icon? Well, I'm still learning a lot about Carnival, but I know I'll give my best, as I do in everything I undertake. I like to give myself wholeheartedly! And as for being an icon, I think there's still a lot to change, improve, but I have a great reference for that. Our drum queen, the wonderful Juju Salimeni, is a true inspiration. She is a real icon! 4. How do you plan to convey all the energy and joy of Carnival to your fans through your participation as a muse? Oh, with a lot of joy, a whole lot. Charisma, those who know me know I love a good time, haha. But above all, always aiming to contribute to the overall improvement of the school! 5. Tell us a bit about your preparation for the parade. What elements are most exciting you? Like in any preparation for something of this magnitude, I am doubling down on my care, such as training, samba lessons, nutrition, and aesthetics! 6. What do you hope your fans and the Barroca Zona Sul SP community experience during the parade and, consequently, in the Carnival of 2024? Well, I imagine something surreal because Carnival is beautiful, a true spectacle. Those who experience this know how enjoyable the contagious energy is. So, they can expect to live a spectacle!

  • Lady Gaga Unveils Futuristic Fashion and Teases New Sound at Chromatica Ball Premiere

    Outfit by @selva Fashion Direction by @nicolaformichetti Photos @domenvandevelde styling @hunterclem_ Hair @fredericaspiras Make up @sarahtannomakeup Nail @mihonails Los Angeles - In a dazzling display of avant-garde fashion and tantalizing hints of her upcoming music, Lady Gaga stole the spotlight at the premiere of the Chromatica Ball special on Max. The iconic pop star, known for her boundary-pushing style and genre-defying music, made a grand entrance adorned in a futuristic ensemble reminiscent of a piece from a car of the future. Gaga's bold fashion statement was just the beginning of the excitement surrounding the event. As she graced the red carpet, she not only turned heads with her striking appearance but also dropped tantalizing hints about her highly anticipated new music. Speaking to Access Hollywood, Gaga revealed that her latest musical creations defy categorization, boldly declaring, “I've written so many songs, produced so many songs, and it doesn't sound like anything I've done before.” The Grammy-winning artist, who has never been afraid to push the boundaries of music and fashion, expressed her love for breaking genres and exploring new sonic territories. “There's something really beautiful about knowing that you'll be loved no matter what you do,” Gaga shared, hinting at the fearless creativity driving her latest artistic endeavors. But it wasn't just Gaga's musical innovations that had fans buzzing. Her enigmatic fashion choice, which she likened to a piece of futuristic automotive design, sparked intrigue and speculation among fashion enthusiasts and pop culture aficionados alike. When asked about the inspiration behind her otherworldly look, Gaga playfully remarked, "On the red carpet, I told them it was a piece of a car. They asked what kind, and I said I don't know, I'm not a mechanic."

  • Ilana Motta: The Influencer Redefining Lifestyle in Hooks Magazine

    ‘LIFESTYLE’ COVER EDITION - MAY 24 ISSUE Photographer: VITOR BRÜGGER - @vitorbrugger Videomaker: @bernardoneubarth Style: @_leticiasantosls Looks: @bf.closet Hair: @carlamotta_vip - @londonhair.extension Ilana Motta, the influencer and content creator, graces the cover of Hooks Magazine's "LIFESTYLE" edition. Known for her career as a singer and MC, Ilana has now reinvented herself as a mother and entrepreneur, inspiring her followers with her journey of overcoming obstacles and dedication. In an exclusive interview, Ilana shared the challenges and lessons from her professional and personal transition, revealing how motherhood and her new passions have shaped her life. Ilana's transition from music to the world of business and motherhood was a gradual process. Initially focused on her musical career, she faced challenges such as abusive contracts and frustrations with managers. However, these experiences were crucial in shaping the person she is today. Over time, Ilana began to identify with new interests and aspirations, leading her to explore different paths. Balancing motherhood with her new priorities has been one of Ilana's greatest challenges. She discovered that time seemed to pass more quickly and that planning became essential to manage her multiple responsibilities. Motherhood transformed her, giving her a new perspective and clear objectives. Ilana used her nine months of pregnancy to meticulously plan her activities, ensuring she could be a present mother while pursuing her professional projects. Ilana also decided to invest in the hair industry, inspired by her mother’s profession as a hairdresser. Witnessing the positive impact her mother had on women's self-esteem, Ilana felt motivated to follow in her footsteps. She launched a hair extensions business, collaborating with her mother and taking this opportunity to diversify her activities without becoming overwhelmed. Gisele Bündchen is a major inspiration for Ilana. She admires how Gisele, a Brazilian woman, has gained immense respect in the fashion world. Ilana recognizes that the fashion industry extends far beyond runways and studios, encompassing a wide range of growing sectors. She is determined to pursue a long and prosperous career in fashion, continuously studying and gaining knowledge to excel. Want to know more about Ilana? Check out the exclusive interview below: 1: Ilana, how would you describe the transition from your career as a singer and MC to your new phase as a mother and entrepreneur? I've always loved music, but I faced frustrations along the way with managers and abusive contracts. But today I understand that everything was necessary for the person I have become. The transition happened over time, as I started identifying with other things I wanted to do. 2: What were the biggest challenges and lessons you encountered while balancing motherhood with your new priorities and ventures? Time seems to be passing very quickly, and it feels short, but nothing is impossible when you have determination. I like to plan things out and organize everything before executing; motherhood transformed me into a woman and mother with goals that I won’t put off until tomorrow what I can start today. During my nine months of pregnancy, I planned everything I’m doing now and I’m happy to see everything working out as I had envisioned. It’s not easy being a present mother in my son’s life while carrying out all my professional plans, but I feel more fulfilled by being able to manage everything. 3: How did the arrival of your son influence your decision to dedicate yourself to new projects and prioritize your passions, such as fashion and social media? The arrival of my son brought a great purpose to my life. I used to put obstacles in everything I wanted to start and always left things for later. When my son was born, I thought, "I managed to get through childbirth"; now I'm not afraid of anything anymore, no one can hold me back, I just needed that little push to become stronger and more courageous. I'm in a new phase with more maturity and many ideas for creating content, studying hard to share all the knowledge I'm acquiring with other women. 4: Could you tell us more about your interest in the hair industry and how you decided to invest in this sector? I am the daughter of a hairdresser, and I find my mother's profession beautiful and admirable. When I see women thrilled to renew their self-esteem, I feel honored by the excellent professional she has become. So I decided to invest in hair extensions and collaborate with my mother, who has always been my greatest partner in life. At the same time, I have the freedom to dedicate myself to other projects and balance social media without feeling too overwhelmed. 5: How do you view the importance of sharing moments of your life on social media and how does it contribute to your new professional and personal phase? You know when someone goes to therapy? That's how I feel. I like to share my life and show everything that happens in my "normal" life. It's funny when I meet people who remember things that happened that I don't even recall anymore. People who say, "I have fun with your videos, you're funny, you brightened my day." This makes me feel good because my nature is to conquer and entertain someone, which fulfills me as a person. Professionally, I'm working on my identity, gaining partnerships, and securing work within the content I want to share. This includes motherhood, fashion, and entrepreneurship, showing that we women can be whatever we want. 6: What are your biggest inspirations in the fashion world and how do you incorporate these influences into your daily life and business? My greatest inspiration is Gisele Bündchen; it's beautiful to see a woman from Brazil so respected in the fashion world. When people hear about fashion, they often only think of runways and studios, but the market goes much further and continues to grow. All areas you want to pursue have specialties in FASHION such as marketing services, consulting, journalism, advertising, among others. I've been studying a lot and seeking knowledge, and I'm happy to know that I'm following a path I imagine I'll pursue for a long time.

  • And Just Like That... Fashion Takes Center Stage Again

    The beloved series #andjustlikethat is making a stylish comeback! While the official release date for the new season remains under wraps, fans can rest assured that filming is in full swing. Our excitement isn't just for the return of the iconic characters but also for the fashion moments that have always been a hallmark of the series. Sarah Jessica Parker, reprising her role as the ever-chic Carrie Bradshaw, has been spotted on the streets of New York, turning the city into her personal runway. Known for her impeccable style, Parker has been seen wearing some of the season's most fashionable outfits, blending classic Carrie Bradshaw elegance with contemporary trends. One standout piece that has caught the attention of fashion aficionados is the #NewGucci Jackie bag, part of Sabato De Sarno's debut collection for Gucci's Spring/Summer 2024. This iconic bag, reimagined with modern flair, perfectly encapsulates the blend of timeless style and current trends that Carrie Bradshaw is known for. Whether paired with a sleek dress or a casual ensemble, the Jackie bag is already a must-have accessory for the fashion-forward. As we eagerly await the new season, the glimpses of Sarah Jessica Parker’s on-set wardrobe have us more excited than ever. From bold patterns to sophisticated silhouettes, it’s clear that the new season of #andjustlikethat will continue to inspire and set trends in the world of fashion. Are you excited for the new season? We certainly are! Stay tuned for more updates and fashion highlights from the series. Photos courtesy of Getty Images

  • Bella Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Peggy Gou and other celebrities dress Saint Laurent at the 77º Cannes Film Festival


  • Gui Taschetti, CEO of Prado Communication, reveals the challenges of starting his own business

    Photos: @lucascarvalhoph - Disclosure Press Gui Taschetti, CEO of Prado Communication, an advertising and communication agency, shares his experience as an entrepreneur and offers valuable tips for those who want to start their own business. Taschetti, who started his company while still working as an employee (CLT stands for "Consolidation of Labor Laws" in Portuguese, which is the Brazilian labor law), emphasizes the importance of having initial capital to invest in the business. "When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I had my steady job, which was a regular job, until I had my own money to open my agency," he states. "I only left my steady job when my company started to bring in the money that I deserved for my work." "The beginning for any entrepreneur is quite painful, you wouldn't believe it, you'll have to give up on many things," he reveals. "When I started, I didn't even have a CNPJ (tax identification number for legal entities), I only had the company's WhatsApp and an Instagram page. I started from scratch, but it was necessary for things to work out!" he states. Taschetti also advises future entrepreneurs to seek knowledge and stay updated on market trends. "It's important to improve yourself, take courses, read books, and watch videos on the subject," he says. "It's also crucial to always be attentive to market innovations and changes in consumer behavior."

  • Ananda Gabriella: The International Muse of Hooks Magazine

    'MODEL' COVER EDITION - MAY 24 ISSUE Photos: Yan Salvatierra - @fotosyansalvatierra Makeup: Worney Makeup - @worneymakeup Ananda Gabriella, the stunning international model, graces the cover of the "MODEL" edition of Hooks Magazine International. With her adventurous spirit and meteoric career, Ananda is not only a style icon but also a storyteller, sharing her travel experiences around the world with her followers. In this special edition, we delve into Ananda's journey, exploring the experiences that have shaped her worldview and enriched her personal and professional life. When asked about the most transformative experience she had while visiting a new country, Ananda doesn't hesitate: "Exploring new places makes us realize how small we are in the grand scheme of the world, but also how big we can become by discovering the new cultures of different places." She highlights a trip to India as a turning point. Immersing herself in the local culture, with its unique traditions and values, expanded her understanding of diversity and the importance of keeping an open mind. "This experience changed my perspective on the world and made me more aware and empathetic towards different ways of living." Although she has explored many exotic destinations, Ananda reveals that the feeling of being at home is irreplaceable. "I think we can travel all over the world, but there's nothing better than our home." However, she fondly recalls Florence, Italy. The warm welcome from the locals, the delicious cuisine, and the historic beauty made her feel an immediate connection with the city. Exclusive Interview: 1: What was the most transformative experience you had while visiting a new country? How did it impact your life? "Exploring new places makes us realize how small we are in the grand scheme of the world, but also how big we can become by discovering the new cultures of different places. This experience transformed me from the inside out as a human being. For example, on a trip to India, immersing myself in the local culture, with its unique traditions and values, made me realize the diversity of life and the importance of keeping an open mind. This experience changed my perspective on the world and made me more aware and empathetic towards different ways of living." 2: Is there any place that made you feel immediately at home when you visited? What made this experience so special? "I think we can travel all over the world, but there's nothing better than our home. No matter how many new places you visit, nothing will be more comforting than your home. Remember, home is not just about your 'house,' but also about the people you love. For example, when I visited the city of Florence in Italy, the warm welcome from the locals, combined with the delicious food and historical beauty, made me feel an immediate connection, almost as if I belonged there. But even with all these wonderful experiences, the feeling of being at home, surrounded by the people we love, is irreplaceable." 3: Have you ever faced any challenges or unusual situations during your travels? How did you handle them? "Absolutely. When I went to a restaurant in France, I didn't particularly enjoy the local food and realized that when something doesn't appeal to us and it's part of their culture, we need to be at least polite, or they might feel very offended! The tip is: just smile and nod! On another occasion, I got lost in the streets of Tokyo without speaking Japanese. I learned the importance of staying calm and using technology to my advantage. With the help of a translation app and the kindness of the locals, I managed to find my way back and turned a moment of panic into a memorable story." 4: How do you spend your free time between photo shoots and commitments in different cities? Do you have a favorite place to relax? "Interestingly enough, the best place is always where I can lie down, with my company, and say my prayers, grateful for the opportunity of another trip or another place I was able to visit, fulfilling the dreams of little Ananda who never knew she could become so big. Additionally, I love finding small cafés and parks in the cities I visit. In Paris, for example, there is a small café near the Luxembourg Gardens where I love to spend my free time, reading a book or simply watching life around me." 5: Traveling can be an incredible learning opportunity. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned on one of your trips? "No matter where you go, always research a bit about the culture beforehand. If you don't know the native language, learn to say the basic words so they feel comfortable when you need help. Remember, you are in their country. By being minimally polite and speaking the basics, anyone will be willing to help you. On a trip to Japan, I learned that even a simple 'please' and 'thank you' in the local language can open doors and create genuine connections with people. This lesson of humility and respect for local culture is something I carry with me on all my travels." 6: Is there any city or country that positively surprised you, even though it's not a well-known destination? What did you discover there? "In fact, a visit to a childhood friend in Lisbon was never about the city itself, but rather about being close to people who make you feel good and recharge your energy amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, Lisbon surprised me with its charming architecture, delicious cuisine, and the warm hospitality of its residents. I discovered small historic neighborhoods like Alfama, where I could explore narrow streets and uncover the true essence of the city. The positive surprise wasn't just from the physical beauty of the place, but from the sense of belonging and comfort I felt being surrounded by loved ones in such a wonderful setting."

  • Marina Ruy Barbosa Shines on the Cannes Red Carpet

    Photos disclosure Instagram @marinaruybarbosa Highlighting the elegance of celebrities on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival! Marina Ruy Barbosa shone on Sunday, leaving everyone in awe of her presence. The Brazilian actress, who had already walked the red carpet on Friday (17th), returned to the event to attend the premiere of "Horizon: An American Saga" by Kevin Costner. For this occasion, Marina chose a stunning gold dress by Miss Sohee, with puffed details and a long train that highlighted her natural elegance. Her red hair was styled in a sophisticated bun, complemented by a silver necklace from Chopard. On the red carpet, Marina waved and blew kisses, charming fans and photographers with her charisma and grace. The actress’s stylist was Pedro Sales @pedrosales_1 - Hair by Jacob Rozenberg @jacobrozenberg and Makeup by Iván Gómez @ivangomez. Did you like the look?

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