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Actress Letícia Ledger shows off a look signed by her at the Gala

Letícia appeared unrecognizable at a party full of celebrities that rocked the world of celebrities last weekend.

Publication photos In Press Soares

Last Saturday, the 5th, the third edition of Baile do Helinho took place in a mansion in an upscale neighborhood in São Paulo, a luxurious party in a special Halloween edition, with a charitable nature.

The actress and digital content creator came up with a very different look that drew attention. It is not news that Letícia has been signing her looks on the last red carpets, and this one would be no different, who signs the look is also her own.

She told how was the creation of the look and how long it took.

“I designed this dress 2 months ago, it literally took 2 months to complete. I was inspired by seeing several red carpets at the Oscars and MET Gala, I spend hours doing it to get the best result, I like to make an impact with every piece signed by me. Using fashion to express my identity is one of my passions”, concludes Letícia.

Inspired by Barbie, Letícia came up with a pink dress, which, to everyone's surprise, she herself designed, an 80cm blonde wig and pink accessories.

A fan of luxury brands, she added a bag by the Balenciaga brand, rings by the renowned jewelry brand Tiffany & Co, a Louis Vuitton bracelet, Miu Miu earrings, a Fendi belt and Valentino platforms, totaling R$120,000 in accessories alone.

Conceptual, the all-pink look inspired by Barbie drew attention at the party, which was attended by several celebrities and members of high society.


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