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Award-winning broker in USA, Eduardo Pavone - "Key points for investing in real estate in Florida"

Award-winning broker in the US, Eduardo Pavone shares the key points when it comes to investing in real estate in Florida.

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The real estate market in the United States is challenging and can bring uncertainties and insecurities to Brazilians seeking to invest in this area abroad. In this sector, some Brazilian entrepreneurs have taken risks and ended up making their names in the segment, becoming a reference in their respective areas of expertise. Eduardo Pavone is one of them.

Known on social media and in the Orlando region, Florida, as Pavone Broker, the professional has been actively involved in the real estate market since 2010. Pavone started buying houses for investment in 2010 and shortly after became a licensed Florida broker. In 2019, he became a Broker Associate. Since 2015, he has completed over 1,000 transactions. In 2022, he and his team generated over $40 million in business.

Pavone shared the key points when it comes to investing in real estate in Florida, USA:

1- Security of investing in real estate: Investing in real estate is the best long-term investment one can make, now imagine investing in real estate in American dollars? Next to Disney, which has been a success with audiences worldwide for over 50 years, breaking record after record in the number of tourists, with over 100 million tourists in 2022.

2- Leveraged investment: The American market works leveraged and with low-interest rates, even in this turbulent moment of global economy, breathing a recession, Brazilians can buy their property here in Orlando with only a 25% down payment and paying an interest rate of around 6% per year, thus accumulating assets with the rental income that the property provides.

3- Growing tourism: The world is increasingly learning to stay in houses through platforms. A lodging that brings the simplicity of a home with the sophistication of a high standard, especially in vacation condominiums bringing great resort-style clubs to enjoy with the family the wonderful sunshine that Florida offers, besides the parks.

4- Expanding residential market makes Orlando and Central Florida one of the 5 regions in the USA that has grown the most in the last 10 years, receiving 1500 new residents per week, and we are experiencing a shortage of residential properties, as the demand for rental homes for more than 12 months is high, and we have received over 10 interested parties in renting properties in Florida on the same day we made them available on the market.

5- Easy management of your assets in the USA by Brazilian companies properly registered and following all the rules and norms of the hotel industry for temporary homes, and/or long-term rental contract homes.


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