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Bárbara Louise: A Journey of Transformation through Fashion and Lifestyle


Bárbara Louise

Stylist: @ninanequesa Design Director Hooks: @mathlopes

In the vibrant city of Mexico, where colors, flavors, and traditions intertwine in a unique cultural dance, we find Bárbara Louise, the commercial model and influencer whose journey is as diverse as it is inspiring. Like a modern tale of self-discovery and determination, her story takes us on a path of personal and professional transformation, shaped by the destinations she chose and the opportunities she found along the way.

In an exclusive conversation with Hooks Magazine, Bárbara shared the intricacies of her journey, from her origins in Brazil to her rise on the international fashion stage.

Bárbara reveals that her adventure in the world of fashion began unexpectedly, driven not by a predestined passion for fashion, but by a need to escape the monotony of her daily life. Amidst the global pandemic, she found herself yearning for new horizons and thus embarked on a journey to Mexico, a country that not only offered an escape but also a new perspective on life.

The choice of Mexico as her main base was initially a matter of circumstance, but it soon turned into a genuine love affair. Enchanted by the culture, the hospitality of the Mexican people, and the vibrant flavors of local cuisine, Bárbara found more than just a temporary refuge; she found a home.

Bárbara Louise

Here's the exclusive interview with Bárbara:

1: Bárbara, you started traveling in 2021. How did this initial experience impact your view on fashion and influence your career as a commercial model?

Well, actually, I started traveling for a different reason. At that time, it was the pandemic, and I wasn't focused on my professional career in fashion. I had an online job and was feeling very tired and without expectations for life in Brazil, so I decided to start a life elsewhere. The choice of Mexico was literally because it was the only country open to visit at that time. We were in the second year of the pandemic, and I was only able to get vaccinated in Mexico.

Bárbara Louise

2: You mentioned that Mexico is where you have your main base. What attracted you to this country and how did it become your point of reference?

At first, as I mentioned in the previous question, I chose Mexico out of lack of options. I wanted to leave Brazil quickly, and it was the only solution I found. When I started living in Mexico, I quickly made many friends and easily adapted to the culture. I loved the food, the customs, and the hospitality of the Mexican people. Mexicans are very receptive and always try to help. In terms of work, everything was very slow. At first, even though I always identified with fashion, I didn't see myself as a model. I was always very self-critical of my body and didn't consider myself pretty enough to work in something that relies heavily on personal image. However, Mexicans helped me a lot in this regard. They always praised me and commented that I had the profile for taking photos, I just needed to find my identity. After doing my first small campaigns in Mexico, I decided to change radically: I went back to Brazil, I had liposuction and rhinoplasty, and I darkened my hair. My body became closer to what we call the "Latino profile": thin waist and rounded hips. This change was reflected in my work in Mexico. In February of this year, I moved to Mexico City and there I managed to grow professionally. Mexico City is a giant city full of opportunities and is a great place for those who want to grow.

3: Spending half of the year in Mexico, what is your routine like there? What do you appreciate the most during the time you spend in the country?

I lived many years in Quintana Roo, in Playa del Carmen, in the Mexican Caribbean. There, I felt very routine-less; it was a very touristy place and full of parties. Even learning Spanish was harder there because almost everyone spoke English. When I moved to Mexico City, everything changed. I started waking up earlier and exercising; parties stopped being a priority, and I focused much more on my work. I'm a bit of a workaholic, I'm always looking for a new project. I'm always giving my best to improve the quality of my photo shoots so that more brands are interested in me.
Regarding living in Mexico, what I appreciate the most is the food. I'm passionate about almost all Mexican dishes, and I only don't eat them so often because they are very calorie-rich.

Bárbara Louise

4: Throughout the rest of the year, you venture to different places like Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. How do these trips contribute to your global vision of fashion and your work as an influencer?

This will be my first year venturing outside of Mexico in search of opportunities in the fashion industry. I lived in Dubai in 2022, where I took a business English course, but I wasn't a model. This year, I plan to seek new horizons and venture into Europe and Asia. I'm really looking forward to visiting Singapore and Hong Kong.

Bárbara Louise

5: How do you balance your professional and personal life while traveling the world and working as a model and influencer? What are the challenges and rewards of this nomadic lifestyle?

I'm still searching for that balance. I see that I've given up a lot in my personal life in pursuit of my dreams. I'm a very solitary person, and when I lived in Brazil, my house was always full of people. Living abroad has matured me a lot and taught me to handle solitude very well, but it's still difficult to balance it with personal relationships. A romantic relationship, for example, is not in my plans at the moment, as I couldn't deal with the distance and would hardly give up on my dreams.

Bárbara Louise


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