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Bella Campos stars in the new Life By Vivara campaign

With jewelry inspired by natural elements, Bella Campos brings to life "Botânica," the new collection from the brand.

Photos courtesy Life By Vivara

Bella Campos, a standout actress and winner of the "Best Supporting Actress" award at the Melhores do Ano, has been chosen by Life By Vivara to star in the campaign for the new Botânica collection.

Inspired by the classic romantic elements of nature, this release aligns with the floral trend highlighted during Paris Haute Couture Week, now creatively making its way into street style.

Comprising rings, earrings, piercings, and necklaces in silver with yellow gold plating and green stones, the Botânica collection translates into realistic designs, warm tones, and plenty of sparkle, capturing the timeless elegance inspired by flowers.

The classic theme gives way to romantic and creative pieces, perfect for gifting and allowing for unexpected combinations with both daytime and evening looks.

This is just one of the exciting developments with the actress for Life, who has stated that there are more surprises with Bella in store for the coming months. The pieces from the Botânica collection are already available on the brand's e-commerce platform and in all its stores throughout Brazil.

About Life by Vivara

Founded in 2011, Life By Vivara was the first collectible brand to be marketed in Brazil. Through silver jewelry, Life By Vivara is designed for anyone who wants to express their style and individuality through meaningful jewelry that allows for endless combinations.


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