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Beyoncé Announces 'Act 2' from Renaissance for March Release and Drops Two New Tracks

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Beyoncé has set the stage for another groundbreaking musical chapter with the announcement of "Act 2" from her Renaissance album, scheduled for release on March 29th.

The global icon took to social media on Sunday night (11) to share the exciting news, along with the debut of two brand-new songs.

The tracks unveiled on Sunday evening are titled "Texas Hold 'Em" and "16 Carriages," offering fans a glimpse into the sonic landscape of Beyoncé's upcoming album. With her signature blend of soulful vocals and innovative production, these songs promise to captivate audiences worldwide.

"Act 2" marks Beyoncé's eighth studio album and the second installment in the Renaissance trilogy. The first installment, released in July 2022, garnered critical acclaim and even earned a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year in 2023.

Fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of "Act 2," eager to witness Beyoncé's artistic evolution and the continuation of the Renaissance saga.


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