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Calvin Klein projects love in augmented reality on Oscar Freire street

A few days before Valentine's Day, in June, the brand warms up São Paulo by attracting the eyes of those who pass by the flagship store through a technological manifesto

Calvin Klein flagship on Oscar Freire street

Demonstrating has never been as essential as it is today. Between May and June, using a QR Code, Calvin Klein invites the passing public to take time out of their routine to immerse themselves in a sensorial proposal and maintains an innovative role in its flagship, in São Paulo, in one of the most sought after addresses. and busy in the midst of Valentine's Day meetings.

Founded in 2018, the flagship is known in the region for its attractive cut-outs, giant-sized images in the store's internal architecture, which come to life in a unique way for those who walk along one of the most frequented stretches of the road. This time, the sensory experience will attract even more curious eyes in a new integration between the virtual environment, full of hearts, and the physical world, through the camera of cell phones and tablets.

"Today, more than ever, the experience at the time of purchase has become something essential", says Ana Brandão, vice president of Calvin Klein in Brazil, and adds: "The enchantment and involvement of the customer with the brand, especially in this post isolation moment, are great differentials, especially with the return of in-person shopping."

The project was created by the intelligence and creative company for retail, Vimer Retail Experience, which uses augmented reality as one of the main bets between various technologies capable of expanding the experiential atmosphere of physical stores. A recent study by MarketsandMarkets points out that by 2025, the augmented reality market is expected to reach 77 billion dollars.

For Camila Salek, founding partner of Vimer, this activation reflects the use of technology as a means to create interactive, fun narratives capable of engaging the consumer.

“In several projects that we have already developed with Calvin Klein, we talk about love as a feeling that unites, frees and expands. This expansive manifesto is the center of this project, which makes this feeling reverberate in a playful way, being able to touch the consumer and fill the space.”, he comments.


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