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Claudia Costa, tells about her experiences and reveals her opinion on the fashion universe



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Claudia Costa is a strong and determined woman. She is a digital influencer, communicator, marketing student and photographic model. The beauty from Paraná loves to travel and has already visited several countries. Anyone who accompanies her knows how busy her life is. Between one airport and another, the model shares her itineraries with her followers. She loves interacting with people.

Even young, she already has a trajectory of many accomplishments. In her career, she is fully committed to getting the best results. Since her childhood and adolescence, everyone around her always noticed that she had the feeling to be a model, and then her career became a reality as a photographic model.

Claudia is able to recognize that it is the reactions to circumstances that shape our future, and she knew how to make moments become important for her growth. In her trajectory she had to deal with mishaps, but she had the wisdom to overcome all unwanted situations.

As for fashion, she makes it clear that each person should feel like a unique being, since every beauty is unique. For her, people should not try to fit into the standards, they should not physically mold themselves to fit within any standard. The world of fashion is constantly evolving.

In this interview, Cláudia exudes her beauty and charisma. She knows more about her personality and life trajectory.

1- Claudia, when did you identify with the photographic model career? Tell us a little about your experience.

“My identification came at age 16 when I was in a square in my city and a photographer stopped me and asked if I was a model, that is, I was noticed. This encounter was a true watershed for me. He talked to my family, since I was underage, and then he gave me the opportunity to be a model in his own store, and since then several invitations have come up that have made me love fashion even more. This unexpected encounter really changed my life.”

2-How would you define yourself in a few words?

“I consider myself a person with a good heart, I like to help people. I'm also persistent, I don't give up even with difficulties, I'm always looking for my best version. I have a horror of lies, I appreciate people's sincerity and I am also very sincere”.

3-You are always very well dressed, your looks are admired by many women. Have you always liked the world of fashion?

“I have always loved fashion. Since I was young, I liked to be daring with my clothes, to have my own taste. I was that child who goes to his mother's wardrobe and tries on clothes, even though they don't fit. I always liked to be well dressed, to be noticed. But my true love for the world of fashion came when I realized that I could have ambitions that I had never weighed before. Fashion provided me with many learnings and achievements. Fashion is a way to feel free, to expose your exterior!”.

4- You are a very empowered woman. Is it important for you to have a visual identity?

“Yes, since it says a lot about you. To have a visual identity, it is not necessary to follow fashion, but to have personality when dressing and also behaving. Having your own style is feeling free!”.

5- Have you ever had a moment in your life when you thought about giving up?

“Yes, several times. I remember that when I worked as a telemarketer and had to adjust my office hours with that of a model, it was always tiring, but I was always positive even though I wanted to give up. Today I realize how important all situations experienced are, as each phase requires something new from us. The path of life is made up of ups and downs, and we have to know how to deal with them and not lose sight of them. Life is made of moments, and I believe that there is no perfect life, only perfect moments”.

6- Through your Instagram, it can be seen that you are a woman who plans a lot of trips, right? Name some places that enchanted you. Do your trips contribute in any way to your professional life?

"I love to travel!!! I have already visited many countries, but Switzerland and Italy have been my favorite places so far. Through travel I can feel my essence more, they are moments that I like to enjoy my own company, go to the places I want, do what I like...among many other things. Travel is enriching for me, as I get to have several experiences”.

7- Is your routine very busy, do you have any hobbies to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Which?

“I really enjoy walking outside and being with people I love. Simple pleases me. I value taking care of the health of body and mind. Even traveling back and forth, I have a commitment to always go to the gym to practice physical exercises, I feel good”.

8- Even being a photographic model, I believe that you already had demands regarding your body. How do you see the future of models' careers in terms of body profile requirements?

“I believe that in the future there will no longer be a standard for being a model, times have changed and everything changes every moment. Even though this is still a taboo, I believe that the stereotype of thin and tall bodies will not be as in demand as they once were. People learned to value themselves more, to realize that being different is normal, and that's beautiful! Each person is unique. Therefore, a beauty standard should not be established. Beauty has always been valued, but I realize that over the years, the choice of a pattern is demystifying. More and more women and men are accepting themselves, making the fashion niche even more personality”.

9- Claudia, you are an inspiration to many women. How do you feel about it?

“I love being an inspiration, I love when I post something and people ask me about what was posted, I feel that somehow I'm adding to something, that is, I feel useful and I love that feeling. It is very gratifying to receive so much affection from the people who accompany me".

10- Last question, but not least: if you could expose a message on a billboard, what would it be?

"Life is in your hands, you choose whether to turn it into something good or something bad."


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