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Claudia Raia, Deborah Secco, Reis Rodrigues and more are present at the launch of Braé Hair Care

Braé Hair Care, a premium hair care brand, launched last Monday (22nd), the complete line of the best seller Essential. The event, which took place at Casa Mollde in São Paulo, was attended by celebrities such as Claudia Raia, Deborah Secco, Reis Rodrigues and Ana Paula Siebert. To present the shampoo, conditioner, leave-in and hydration mask line, the brand created a house with experiences and invited everyone present to reflect on “What is Essential For You?”.. p>

Deborah Secco and Claudia Raia

Photo: André Ligeiro

Among those present, Claudia Raia attended after the pregnancy of her third child, Lucca, exuding joy “Essential for me is being close to my family and enjoying my youngest child to the fullest” commented. The afternoon was also attended by hairstylists who are partners with the brand, such as Rafael Bertolucci, Ale de Souza and Thiago Fortes. The event brought concepts such as gigantism, art and neon, with 180º cameras, a suspended art gallery, live painting by artist Marie Balbinot and music by DJ Luisa Viscardi.

Deborah Secco

Photo: André Ligeiro

Ana Paula Siebert

Photo: André Ligeiro

Reis Rodrigues

Photo: André Ligeiro

Thiago Fortes

Photo: André Ligeiro


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