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Cris Porto, a renowned Brazilian high-end jewelry brand, opens its space at the Ritz Hotel in Paris

Raissa Santana, Cris Porto e Stéphane Rolland (Ph @crisvidalph / @maycondehan)

The arrival of the brand in France was celebrated with a special launch cocktail for guests, including important figures from the fashion, art, and French culture scene. The event took place in the luxurious gardens of the legendary Ritz Hotel on Place Vendôme. Internationally acclaimed actress Maria Fernanda Cândido graced the occasion, reciting Clarice Lispector in French, alongside the presence of model Raissa Santana and one of France's most promising fashion designers, Stéphane Rolland, who crafted the Haute couture dress worn by Cris Porto during the celebration.

Maria Fernanda Candido (Ph @crisvidalph / @maycondehan)

Cris Porto is a Brazilian high-end jewelry brand established in 1985, following a boutique format. It specializes in crafting exclusive jewelry with unique, handmade designs. Emphasizing the use of Brazilian gemstones, Cris Porto values the rich and colorful soil of the country in its creations. After years of hard work and dedication, the designer achieves a significant milestone by having her true masterpieces available for sale in the hotel's boutique. Cris Porto is the only Brazilian jewelry brand showcased in one of the most coveted display windows in the world, captivating the attention of the most ardent jewelry enthusiasts. This international exposure showcases the richness of Brazilian jewelry with its distinctive and authentic designs.


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