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Eduarda Cury: Conquers Hearts and Inspires Thousands of Followers


Photos: Carlos Moura - @carlosmoura
Team Hooks
Fashion Director: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks
Marketing director: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Discover the Authentic Style, Overcome Challenges, and Future Plans of the Brazilian Influencer in an Exclusive Interview.

Eduarda Cury, a Brazilian influencer and YouTuber, has been winning over followers with her authentic style and inspiring messages. In an exclusive interview with Hooks Magazine, Eduarda shares her journey as an influencer, her transition to YouTube, and how she has made her mark on social media.

Her authenticity is her strong point, standing out among other influencers. Eduarda does not follow standards, dressing according to her own will and feeling comfortable in her own skin. She balances her inner light with her shadow, showcasing multifaceted confidence in her content.

On YouTube, Eduarda found a new audience and interaction, valuing the support of women and addressing feminine subjects. She shares the challenges of building her personal brand, overcoming rejections from brands due to her transgender identity and adult content. However, Eduarda sees these difficulties as opportunities for growth.

As a brand ambassador, Eduarda seeks synchronicity and freedom to personalize her content. On her channel, she addresses conscious topics, life experiences, and lighthearted moments. Her goal is to convey knowledge and a new perspective on the transgender experience.

Eduarda celebrates her international recognition as the cover of Hooks Magazine and reveals that she is working on exciting projects, keeping them secret to surprise her followers.

Check out the interview:

1. How would you describe your personal style, and how does it influence your content on social media?

"My style is very authentic, and I believe it's my strong point on social media. I don't follow any standards. I can wear a short skirt in the afternoon and a long dress in the evening, and still feel like myself. I always talk about balancing my inner light with my shadow, and that's my superpower! I don't limit myself to any standards! I am a chameleon."

2. With the transition to YouTube, what are the main differences you have noticed in terms of your audience and interaction with followers?

"There's a lot of interaction with the female audience, and I'm loving it. Before, I produced content mainly for a male audience, which I still enjoy... but I'm loving connecting with girls, discussing feminine subjects, and my audience has been growing more and more. I receive a very warm embrace from them, both from trans women and cisgender women, because I'm a woman who only competes with herself."

3. Tell us about your journey as an influencer. What were the main challenges you faced in building your personal brand?

"Many brands/companies didn't want to associate their name with mine because I'm transgender or because I work with adult content... but I believe that's been changing, and I'm happy about it. I feel doors opening and I'm grateful even for the ones that closed. It wasn't meant to be. I believe the universe has something better for me, and I radiate positive energy. In this new phase, I give thanks for everything and always see difficulties as lessons!"

4. You are an ambassador for several brands. How do you select the brands and products you collaborate with?

"I'm quite selective about that because not all brands that send me proposals fit my style. And I believe it wouldn't be right to work on something that's not true to me... so I seek to maintain synchronicity with the brands and pieces I use, so that it truly represents me and my audience can feel that. What are the most important criteria for you when establishing partnerships? I like it when the brand allows me the freedom to add my personal touch to the content, making it more original and personalized. If they try to be too controlling, I rarely agree. I prefer to have discussions beforehand and align everything, so that it becomes an enjoyable collaboration for both the client and myself."

5. What is the main theme and focus of the videos you are creating for your YouTube channel? Could you share a bit about the types of content your followers can expect to find there?

"On my channel, I delve into a more conscious side. However, I also want to talk about various things, life experiences, spirituality, and bring some light-hearted femininity as well. With a relatively new channel, I always seek to ask my followers what they want to see, and the responses are diverse... but my main goal is to share knowledge through my life experiences with people in general. I want to provide a new perspective on what it means to be transgender and to help new values find expression through me!"

6. Being featured on the cover of Hooks Magazine is an incredible achievement. How do you feel about being internationally recognized as a fashion influencer?

"I'm super happy! It's a dream come true."

7. What are your future plans as an influencer and YouTuber? Is there any special project you're working on that you can share with us?

"I would love to share, but being the true Scorpio that I am... I prefer to reveal the finished cake! But yes, I have new projects in the works, and they are definitely going to be a success. Stay tuned. Gratitude."


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