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Elephant pants: back on the streets and also on the catwalks

For those who thought that the trends of the 2000s were coming to an end, we regret (or not haha) to say that the references of this time are almost inexhaustible. We've already gone through bandanas, tops, low-waisted pants, maxi belts and now it's their turn: the elephant pants.

Widely used in the pop and hip-hop scene of the time, the pants with ultra-wide modeling on the legs were a must of the time, present in iconic scenes in several clips as well as used in international awards such as VMA's and the Grammys.

Reproduction via Instagram (from left to right) Loewe, Diesel and Vetements.

Reproduction via Instagram Balmain

Brands like Loewe, Diesel, Vetements and Balmain bet on oversized jeans this season and we've also seen some influencers adhering to the piece like Caroline Polach, Olivia Dean and the darling model of the time Juliana Nalu.

Reproduction via instagram (from left to right) @Carolineplz @oliviadeano @juliananalu


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