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Eslô Marques - Fashion influencer is on the cover of the Hooks International's Celebrities edition


Photos : Gabriel Gardinni - @gabrielgardinni

Beauty: Jessica Natália - @jessicanataliamakeup

Stylist: Wild Fashion - @wildfashionproducoes

Press: Juliana Maddeira - @julianamaddeira

Team Hooks

Fashion Director and design: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks Marketing Director: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Creative Director Hooks: Jonathan Coelho - @jonathancoelho__

Eslovênia Marques, better known as Eslô, is a fashion influencer, model, and beauty queen who gained fame after appearing on Big Brother Brazil 22. With over 3 million followers on Instagram, she is a reference in the marketing field and uses her social media platforms to talk about important topics such as feminism and racism.

After the end of the reality show, Eslô's life changed completely. She is involved in many professional projects and tries to make the most of the opportunity that the program has given her. Eslô has a degree in Marketing and uses that formation in her current career, having a vision not only as an influencer but also of what companies propose when they want something to be promoted on her profile.

Balancing her career with her personal life and her relationship with Lucas Bissoli is not easy, but communication and dialogue between the two help a lot. She has been through challenging moments in her career, such as the criticism she received in the beginning, but with the help of therapy and people who make her feel good, she managed to get back on track and focus on the good things she can provide to her audience.

Check out now the exclusive interview we did with the Brazilian influencer.

1. How did you feel when you were chosen to participate in Big Brother Brasil 22?

"So, it's very crazy because you think that you're never going to be the chosen one. There's that question: 'Why me?' But I think authenticity is the word. BBB today looks for authentic people who are themselves. I believe that I was myself in the interviews and on the show, and I think that's what makes BBB what it is."

2. How has your routine been since the end of the reality show?

"It's been crazy, my life has changed. I try to make the most of everything. I have a lot of professional projects going on and I try to focus my energy on them. After all, the show gives you an opportunity and if you don't grab it, it goes unnoticed. I put all my energy into it, chasing everything I want for this moment."

3. You often use your social media to speak about important issues such as feminism and racism. How did this desire to take a stance on these topics come about?

"My social media is literally my life. I like to share topics that I find important and relevant to my life, things that have marked my story. Not only topics, but all the content I share. I believe that the more your social media reflects your true self, the more people will follow you and want to stay engaged. Each person's truth makes them unique."

4. Besides your career as a digital influencer, you are also graduated in Marketing. How do you use this education in your current career?

"Graduating in Marketing has helped me 100% in everything I do today. In fact, I started studying Marketing precisely for that: so that I could have a vision not only as an influencer, but also of what companies propose when they want something to be advertised on my profile."

5. Had you ever thought about pursuing a career as a model or beauty queen before winning Miss Pernambuco?

"I never really thought about anything! Everything in my life happened naturally, I discovered things as I went along. Regarding the question of being a model and beauty queen, I believe that since I was a little girl, I always showed signs that I wanted that. So, time only made me develop and be sure that I wanted to enter the world of fashion and beauty pageants."

6. What are your professional plans for the future?

"Besides wanting to establish myself more and more as an influencer, I have a lot of dreams. I want to be a reference as a fashion influencer and have my own company. I have many goals to be achieved."

7. What is it like to balance your career with your personal life and your relationship with Lucas Bissoli?

"Balancing isn't always easy, but when the person wants to and has the desire to make it work, things start to flow. That's how it is with my career and personal life with Lucas. We have very good communication and dialogue, and that helps a lot."

8. What is your biggest dream as an artist and digital influencer?

"I have several dreams. As an influencer, I want to become one of the biggest influencers with credibility, someone that people truly trust and look up to. I will fight very hard for this."

9. What was the most challenging moment of your career so far? How did you deal with it?

"As incredible as it may seem, I didn't think it would affect me and be a challenge, but the criticisms at the beginning were very easy to deal with. Later on, they started affecting me a lot, but I managed to get back on track with a lot of help, therapy, and by being with people who make me feel good. The internet has something very good, but it also has something very negative. If you focus on that, you'll end up attracting more negativity. So, I try to really focus on the good things that I can provide to my audience and on what the internet can offer me."

10. What would you say to people who want to pursue a career similar to yours? What are the main skills and characteristics needed to succeed?

"Undoubtedly, the main one is to persist. I believe there are several important characteristics for those who want to grow in this field, but persistence is the most fundamental."


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