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Expert explains how to prevent and treat dark circles - Dr. alexander adolph

Expert explains how to prevent and treat dark circles

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Dark circles are common aesthetic nuisances and can arise for several reasons, including sleepless nights, anxiety, stress and genetic characteristics. And contrary to what many people think they cannot be treated with creams. The Doctor. Alexandre Adolfo, an expert in dark circles, explains that the ideal treatment for this condition would be filling with Ellansé.

“Ellansé is a dual-action filler that restores volume and stimulates collagen production,” said the doctor.

doctor Alexandre states that it is a minimally invasive treatment, done in the office in about 30 minutes (depending on the areas treated).

According to the doctor, the volumization and reduction of wrinkles and furrows can be observed immediately.

“The product starts to gradually stimulate collagen production. And, after 3 months, it delivers the final results, which can last from 1 to 3 years”, said Dr. Alexander, who added:
“The procedure is quick, simple and practically painless, performed under local anesthesia. Typically, 2 Ellansé sessions are required. After the first one, return in 60 days to do another one”.

After the procedure, it is necessary to avoid hot baths and physical exercises for 24 hours after the application. Also, avoid exposure to the sun and ultraviolet light until the swelling and redness has completely disappeared.

“Like all procedures of this type, there is the possibility of adverse events. The most common are: inflammatory reaction such as: redness, swelling, rash, edema, erythema, pain, hematoma”, warned the specialist.


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