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Eyelash Extensions: Beauty specialist Lau Ferreira talks about the technique

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The application of eyelash extensions has been successful among women, providing fuller lashes, a more striking look, and convenience in everyday life.

According to Lau Ferreira, a specialist in eye beautification and CEO of Studio Elpher, the eye area is very sensitive and requires special care. She emphasizes the importance of the professional being qualified to perform the procedure and being very careful during the application of the extensions.

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Lau adds that the choice of technique can be personalized according to the client's preferences. "We offer different techniques so that the client can choose the one they like the most. We conduct an evaluation of the eye, natural lashes, face, and client's profile to ensure that we can find a harmonious technique. We have everything from more discreet techniques to the most voluminous ones. Additionally, we highly value the ocular health of our clients, delivering quality and beauty results while always prioritizing their well-being," the specialist affirms.

According to the specialist, properly applied extensions do not harm the natural lashes, which continue to grow and push the extensions, so it is necessary to perform maintenance of the procedure respecting the appropriate interval. "As the lashes grow, they can become misaligned, and with the shedding of natural lashes (which detach daily due to the growth cycle), gaps can occur. It is common for about five to six natural lashes to fall out per day, so it is natural for the extensions to fall out along with the lashes."

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Que cílios lindos!! É realmente muito prático, como acordar pronta

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