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Fenty Beauty presents three new releases in September

Fenty Beauty, Rihanna's makeup brand, unveils three new releases this September, which complement each other for the creation of a complete, versatile, and stunning Fenty Face.

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Flawless and creamy, with a smooth and sensory texture that effortlessly blends into the skin. Unlike traditional stick foundations, the Eaze Drop Blur + Tint Stick picks up where skincare ends. It's the foundation that can be used anytime, anywhere, smoothing the skin and leaving it looking even and hydrated. It can be applied with just your fingers, without brushes or other application tools.

The new Eaze Drop Blur + Smooth Tint Stick offers a more natural approach with light and buildable coverage for illuminated and well-cared-for skin. Just like its original liquid formula, this release comes in 25 long-lasting shades, designed to withstand sweat, humidity, and transfer, ensuring your Fenty Face remains flawless.

With no settling into fine lines and no "cracked" effect, the product's smooth sensation is thanks to the presence of Murumuru Butter, Sodium Hyaluronate - a potent derivative of hyaluronic acid - and the Quickblur Complex, an exclusive technology of the brand. In addition to all its benefits, the packaging of the Eaze Drop Blur + Smooth Tint Stick is lightweight and 100% recyclable, with a design intended to be used to the last drop. To avoid wasting the product or the packaging, simply twist the base until you hear the "click" sound to dispense the product.

HOW TO USE: After your skincare routine, remove the cap of the Eaze Drop Blur + Smooth Tint Stick and twist the base of the packaging until you hear the "click" to release the product. Simply glide the product onto your skin - once or twice - and blend it with your fingers (use a brush or sponge if you prefer). When the product is completely used up, recycle the packaging without rinsing or scraping.



This collection of eyeshadows in stick format is easy to apply to the eyes and highly pigmented. With options in both matte and shimmering shades, it easily adapts to all skin tones and defines any eye shape. Inspired by Rihanna's makeup routine, where she always aims to create a naturally defined eye look, the new Fenty Beauty Shadowtix Longwear Eyeshadow Sticks are available in an extensive range of 16 colors, including eight glitter shades and eight matte shades, all developed with consideration for all skin tones and eye shapes. Creamy and super pigmented, all the colors in the Shadowstix collection, both matte and glittery, complement the shades of Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r foundation for well-defined eyes and eyeshadow that harmonizes with each person's skin tone.

With just one swipe, the creamy and long-lasting formula delivers high-impact color that doesn't crack, melt, transfer, or lose intensity throughout the day. The exclusive chiseled tip provides control during application and offers various usage options – its angled tip maximizes precision, making it easier to create depth and dimension in the eye crease, and it can also be used on the waterline. The retractable packaging matches the shade of the eyeshadow, making it easier to choose the color without having to open the packaging or search for the shade name.

HOW TO CREATE YOUR FENTY EYE LOOK: To achieve the real method used by Rihanna when creating any eye look, follow the four steps below:

1. Brighten the eyes: Even out the skin tone and brighten the eyes with Bright Fix Eye Brightener or Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer.

2. Contour the area: Apply Match Stix Contour Skinstick or Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer to the crease to start defining and creating symmetry.

3. Build the Fenty Eye Look: Create dimension and depth with Shadowstix Matte shades and highlight and accentuate with Shadowstix Shimmers.

4. Finish: Add Hella Thicc Volumizing Mascara and finish with Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil.


The effect of sun-kissed skin during summer is now timeless with the new shades of Fenty Beauty's Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush. These unique and exclusive colors, once part of a special edition, are back in the portfolio to stay. From "Riri" – a universal pink inspired by Rihanna, the brand's founder – to warmer coral tones and unexpected color nuances, these releases complete any makeup look and provide options for all occasions and all skin tones.

Formulated with the concept of versatility, the beloved Cheeks Out blush is light as air and oil-free, instantly adapting to the skin, creating a natural, healthy, and luminous color effect. With easy application and never "too much," its formula enhances any face with a youthful glow. Rihanna created the Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush to highlight all skin tones and be an essential daily product. Even with vibrant and pigmented colors, the blush maintains its multifunctionality with a soft and lightweight appearance – perfect for days when you want a natural look. The non-sticky and sweat-and-water-resistant formula adapts to the skin without interfering with your makeup.

How to use: Apply with your fingertip and gently tap or use the Fenty Face Shaping 125 Face Contour Brush for a natural and healthy look on your face and even on your lips. Apply as much as you prefer to achieve your desired vibrancy.

Fenty Beauty is 100% Cruelty-Free.


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