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FORCA: The Transgressive Experience at SPFW N55

Forca Studio SPFW N55 Photo: Ze Takahashi / @agfotosite

Unveil fashion brand FORCA's bold concepts and audacious creativity in its dazzling debut at SPFW N55

São Paulo, May 28, 2023 – Last weekend, the creative force of stylist Vivi Rivaben and visionary visual artist and music producer Silvio de Marchi took over SPFW N55 with an explosion of authentic, urban and contemporary style. totally out of the ordinary. The Forca 003 - Substructure collection surprised everyone with its solid shapes, brutalist aesthetics and striking contrasts.

Forca Studio SPFW N55 Photo: Ze Takahashi / @agfotosite

In its first appearance at SPFW, FORCA presented daring 50 looks, where the raw materials used included rubber, leather, latex, resin, tapestry, gauze and linen. To further increase the impact of the pieces, the brand had the outstanding presence of the renowned rapper Filipe Ret, who debuted with attitude on the catwalk.

It is worth mentioning that, in less than a year of existence, FORCA has already dressed contemporary artists who are true references, such as Alok, Negra Li, Linn da Quebrada and Xamã. With its transgressive approach and avant-garde style, the brand conquered space in the fashion scene, challenging conventions and redefining the standards of contemporary fashion.

Forca Studio SPFW N55 Photo: Ze Takahashi / @agfotosite

FORCA represents a new era in the fashion industry, where the concept of daring is combined with environmental responsibility. Stylist Vivi Rivaben and visual artist Silvio de Marchi not only create spectacular pieces, they are also committed to sustainable practices throughout the production process. Their dedication to using eco-friendly materials and conscious production techniques sends a powerful message that it is possible to be bold while preserving our precious planet.

Forca Studio SPFW N55 Photo: Ze Takahashi / @agfotosite

In this innovative journey, FORCA proves that fashion can transcend conventional boundaries and defy expectations. With their Substructure collection, they establish a new visual language, exploring the possibilities of fashion as a form of artistic expression.

The SPFW N55 witnessed the birth of a new trend, with FORCA leading the way to a future where fashion is synonymous with courage, originality and sustainability. Prepare to be amazed and inspired, as FORCA is here to challenge, empower and transform the way we look at fashion.

Forca Studio SPFW N55 Photo - Gabriel Capelletti - @agfotosite


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