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Franciele Reis is passionate about the fashion and travel universes, but she reveals her new passion

Be enchanted by this woman who is very determined in everything she sets out to do.


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Franciele Reis is passionate about the fashion world and is currently dedicated to her studies. She is a theater student and intends to work as an actress. She is from Minas Gerais, but has lived in São Paulo for many years. We know that the fashion world is becoming increasingly versatile, thanks in large part to social media, which has already brought about many changes. She has always shown an interest in fashion. She has always liked to take care of herself, daring to dress differently and never liking to follow just one standard. Since she was young, she has had her own style that pleases many people. The beauty receives many compliments and says she never tires of them.

She is a woman who is not afraid of challenges, on the contrary, in the face of challenges, she discovers that she can go further. For her, overcoming obstacles makes people stronger and more courageous. The desire to grow every day has always been part of her career, and she has never been a person who has settled. Therefore, her life is anything but monotonous.

She emphasizes that the events in her life were not just luck, but a lot of dedication and wisdom to take advantage of every opportunity. Many obstacles have already been overcome, and she is very proud of it. She also reveals her passion for travel, having already visited several countries and intending to visit even more places.

We had the opportunity to get to know her better, come with us! Be enchanted too!

1 - Franciele, how did your interest in fashion start? Did you always aspire to be a model?

"Since I was a child, I've always been very attracted to watching fashion shows on television, I imagined myself in the models' place. My favorite game was playing to be a model. Even my mother's shoes didn't fit me, I would take them from her wardrobe to make the game even more real. The ambition for this career really materialized in adolescence."

2 - How would you describe yourself in a few words?

"I am a courageous person, I like challenges, they show me how far I can go, how much better I am. With each challenge, I reaffirm to myself that I can always surpass myself, I should not let negative, pessimistic thoughts be greater than my will. I'm not afraid to face the unknown. I'm also a very sincere and rational person, I know how to think with reason and not just with my heart, which seems to be very difficult for most people nowadays."

3- You're also an entrepreneur, right? Tell us a bit about your story.

"Yes, I am! I've always wanted to have my own business. In 2020, I decided to invest in a franchise, which was a bit complicated because I didn't imagine that the pandemic would happen, in fact, everyone was caught off guard. I was very anxious during this period for the inauguration, which could only be done much later than planned. I believe that everything is a process and this was a period of a lot of maturity, responsibility, understanding and a lot of resilience. Things didn't turn out as I expected, but I overcame all the obstacles along the way."

4- What is your opinion about the body profile requirements in the modeling industry? Since both aesthetics and body profile are fundamental requirements to pursue this career.

"I think the fashion industry has evolved and now embraces all types of beauty. There was a time when people had to fit into certain standards. Today, we see more personality and people aren't afraid to express their own styles, their tastes, their visual identities, and that's charming! The fashion universe is constantly evolving."

5- What were the most remarkable events in your life?

"I could mention many cool moments in my life, but I like the idea that life flows, and it's not exactly a day that should be remembered as memorable. Every day is unique and we should make it special."

6- Franciele, did you ever consider giving up at any point in your journey?

"I didn't consider giving up, but due to the increasingly intense routine, I realized it was time to take a break. I stepped back from the fashion industry for a while and dedicated myself to the nutrition college, which is an area that has always caught my attention. I graduated, and now I'm back."

7- Could you tell us about some accomplishments you have achieved through your work?

"I am happy to realize that there have been many achievements, but when I acquired a beauty franchise in Belo Horizonte it was very relevant to me. But my biggest accomplishment today, and always will be, is that I have been able to provide more comfort for my family. I always strive to contribute even more intensely."

8- Do you believe that the trips you have taken have contributed to your life in any way? How so?

"All trips contribute a lot!! They are enriching!! I have had the opportunity to get to know other cultures, arts, fashion, cuisine, and so many other aspects. I have visited countries where there is a better quality of life, where things really work."

9- Do you have any plans/projects/ambitions that you could share with us exclusively?

"I have been dedicating a lot of effort to my acting career. I like to have full attention, that is, maximum focus on what I have chosen to live at the moment, and currently it is my acting career. I don't just have initiative, if I start a project, I also have 'finishing power', I keep going until I finish."

10- Do you have any complementary activity or hobby? Which ones? Do you think they impact your life in any way?

"I have several!! One of them is practicing running, I feel light and free when I'm running. I use the moments of running to reflect, I feel present in that moment, I think about everything I still want to achieve, as well as my dreams. Therefore, it is clear that this practice provides me with peace and also happiness. Practicing physical activities doesn't just impact on health, it's not just the physical that matters, we must think about the various benefits. I also really enjoy horseback riding. I love nature, so for me it's a moment to connect with myself. I believe that when we are connected with God and nature everything becomes more beautiful, we truly feel grateful. Because of theater, watching movies and series has also become frequent in my life, I realize that this helps me to acquire more knowledge since I am studying dramatic arts, so I observe the performances a lot, I look for details. I like to use opportunities for my evolution, to always learn more."

11 - Last but not least, if you could display a message on a billboard, what would it be?

"To live is to go forth. Everything is waiting for us. It is a matter of courage and love."


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