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Giovanna Correa talks about her journey and reveals a bit about her lifestyle

Photos: PUPIN+DELEU - @pupindeleu

Fashion stylist: CESAR CORTINOVE - @cortinovec

Model: Giovanna Correa - @cogiovanna

Team Hooks Cover: @directorhooks - @mathlopes

Giovanna is a Flight Attendant graduate, a model, and also an entrepreneur. She exudes beauty, charisma, professionalism, and discipline in her life. She owns two e-commerce businesses, one for underwear products and another for second-hand luxury products. She is originally from Bragança Paulista - SP. Gio, as her friends call her, has always pursued her goals and has a huge desire to grow every day. Today, she is extremely passionate and fulfilled by all the activities she undertakes.

It is noticeable that each person has their own characteristics, as well as their own personality and values, which make up the so-called lifestyle. In her journey, Giovanna went through many delicate moments, but all were successfully overcome. She has never been afraid to take action for progress to happen in her life.

This lovely woman has a lifestyle that is admired by many people. There have been many significant events in her life. She collects many memories that make her happy and proud of the person she has become.

Check out the interview she gave to Hooks Magazine, revealing exclusively an information that is very relevant to her life.

1- How would you define yourself in a few words?

I consider myself a kind, strong, brave, sweet, and altruistic woman.

2- Giovanna, on your Instagram, you share your moments and travels. Do you believe that the trips you have taken have contributed to your life in any way? If so, how?

As a lover of aviation, I am passionate about traveling. My travels have immeasurably contributed to making me exactly who I am today. I did most of my trips alone and I realized that being alone in another country can be magical for those who surrender themselves to the experience. I usually say that we are the sum of the places we visit, the people we meet, and the cultures we experience. Therefore, each trip left a little bit of the place/people/culture in me, and I will always be grateful for everything I have experienced, both the good things and the struggles.

3- Giovanna, you are a woman who inspires several followers. How do you feel knowing about your relevance?

It's funny to think that I somehow inspire other people. I am "new" to the digital world and for me, it has always been natural to share some moments, looks, travels, quotes, etc. When I began to understand the relevance of inspiring people, I confess that I was super excited to delve even deeper into the digital world and show more and more of my daily life. I love sharing good and positive things, and interacting with my friends and followers is a very enjoyable moment. Imagining that I can inspire people to improve their routines with healthy habits, travel tips, interesting looks, and even motivational phrases makes me very happy and enthusiastic.

4- Do you have any plans/projects/ambitions that you could share with us exclusively?

I have many plans. For this year, I would like to share exclusively with Hooks that I am in the finals of Miss Bragança Paulista 2023. It has been an incredible experience participating in this competition, and I hope that in July, I can bring good news and have the honor of representing my city and, consequently, continuing to contribute to the social causes that I am passionate about and that need so much support and visibility. I am also considering the possibility of returning to work in the aviation industry. I am studying hard, and maybe in the near future, I can start working abroad.

5- Do you have any complementary activities or hobbies? Which ones? Do you think they impact your life in any way?

I was a professional swimmer for a few years, and I love exercising, swimming, running, and meditating. My body and mind are my home, and I think it's essential to take care of "my home" with care and dedication.

6- Your lifestyle is admired by many people. Have you always been like this? What tips would you give to those who aspire to have a lighter lifestyle?

Like many people, I come from a humble and hardworking family. I always realized that focusing on the negative side of not-so-good moments would not help me in any way, so I preferred to look at the present and seek solutions. Thus, the focus can never be on the problems, but on the solutions. I try to respect my feelings and I think it is important to see ourselves with self-care, and as a human being, we all have good and bad days, that is natural. Being grateful for the minimum has always helped me to make the bad days lighter and have the certainty that everything would be okay in the morning. We have the gift of having a new opportunity at life every day, so we need to take advantage of it.

7- Have you ever dreamed that you could get this far?

Since I was a child, I have aimed for great achievements in my life. I have always been adventurous, curious, and my dreams never seemed impossible to me. So I am very happy to be achieving my goals.

8- If you could display a message on a billboard, what would it be?

It's not easy to find happiness within ourselves, but it is impossible to find it elsewhere.


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