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Gui Taschetti, CEO of Prado Communication, reveals the challenges of starting his own business

Photos: @lucascarvalhoph - Disclosure Press

Gui Taschetti, CEO of Prado Communication, an advertising and communication agency, shares his experience as an entrepreneur and offers valuable tips for those who want to start their own business.

Taschetti, who started his company while still working as an employee (CLT stands for "Consolidation of Labor Laws" in Portuguese, which is the Brazilian labor law), emphasizes the importance of having initial capital to invest in the business. "When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I had my steady job, which was a regular job, until I had my own money to open my agency," he states. "I only left my steady job when my company started to bring in the money that I deserved for my work."

"The beginning for any entrepreneur is quite painful, you wouldn't believe it, you'll have to give up on many things," he reveals. "When I started, I didn't even have a CNPJ (tax identification number for legal entities), I only had the company's WhatsApp and an Instagram page. I started from scratch, but it was necessary for things to work out!" he states.

Taschetti also advises future entrepreneurs to seek knowledge and stay updated on market trends. "It's important to improve yourself, take courses, read books, and watch videos on the subject," he says. "It's also crucial to always be attentive to market innovations and changes in consumer behavior."


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